Journey of Leah Eber

Leah Eber, owner and founder of ‘Life with Leah’ and author of Chocolate Affirmations, is a visionary and creative force in the health and wellness industry. Her journey is inspiring and life-changing. She uses her experiences to focus on helping clients develop healthier habits and transform from the inside out.

Leah believes that health is not just a physical journey but a mental and emotional one as well. She takes a holistic approach, considering stress management, eating habits, social health, and daily routines. She helps her clients achieve lifelong results and unlock their full potential by getting to know them and understanding their specific needs.

Her notable career accomplishments include being a former elite track and field athlete and four times Big Ten long jump champion. She competed in the 2012 London Olympic trials and was a professional athlete for two years after college. More recently, Leah was named Muscle and Fitness Magazine’s top 10 Cover Model. She was selected by Facebook/Meta as a Facebook Classes Instructor.

Know About Leah Eber:

Why a Healthy Lifestyle is More Than Just Exercise

Leah’s business, Life with Leah, specializes in Personal Training, Health & Wellness Coaching and Nutrition Coaching. She started the business because she wanted to positively impact people’s lives. Leah Eber provides guidance in areas that can be overwhelming and confusing. She also authored her first book of poetry, Chocolate Affirmations, which showcases her creativity and is focused on self-expression.

Leah’s upbringing and uncommon circumstances have shaped her into the strong and resilient person she is today. She was born with a medical condition known as sleep apnea and complex breathing issues. However, with the support of her family and their belief in her, she overcame the odds and flourished. Her parents encouraged her passions for sports and creativity, allowing her to channel her energy into things she loved.

Looking to the future, Leah aims to help as many people as possible and empower them physically and emotionally. She plans to publish more books and poetry, write a cookbook, and create an online art gallery. She is also passionate about mentoring, advocating for food scarcity, and helping people access healthy and nutritious foods.

Leah Eber’s journey is a testament to her strength, creativity, and vision. She is a great influencer and author who has changed countless lives through her holistic approach to health and wellness.