5 Effective Yoga Poses for Glowing Skin

Everyone wants to achieve beautiful and supple skin. Have you ever wondered why many beautiful women around you flash extremely youthful and radiant skin all the time? The answer is that they perform yoga for glowing skin. When people perform certain forms of yoga mudra or yoga asanas, it accelerates the blood flow, purifies and supplies fresh oxygen into the blood.

We have picked few of the simple and also easy to perform yogic activities which detoxify the body and impart you a healthy and youthful skin. Once you start your fitness journey by performing yoga for glowing skin, you will feel beautiful and healthy both from inside and also outside as well. Just perform these simple asanas/mudra daily which have immense benefits on skin.

List of Best Yoga for Glowing Skin:

Fifteen minutes of yoga asanas/yoga mudra each and every day are enough to keep the skin glowing and signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines completely at bay.

#1 – Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand Yoga Pose):

This yoga asana (Sarvangasana) is also called as the shoulder stand. It serves as quite an effective yoga pose for glowing skin. It leads to an improvement in the skin texture and also its quality through an improvement of blood circulation towards the face itself. You can perform it three to five times in one day and it imparts you a crystal clear skin which is free from the blemishes.

#2 – Savasana (Corpse Yoga Pose):

Shavasana Corpse Yoga Pose

Do not let this kind of morbid name mislead you. The truth is that the savasana imparts a new life to the skin. The person lies down on the back with the feet just spread out. The arms are placed on the two sides. The palms actually face in the upward direction. This yoga asana should be included as a part of your daily workout regimen. It calms down the brain, nerves as well as the heart. It leads to the beauty rest with improvement in the detoxification. This type of yoga asana(yoga mudra) imparts you an extremely youthful and radiant skin. It is extremely beneficial yoga for glowing skin.

#3 – Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend Yoga Pose):

In this type of yoga asana, there is a forward bending along with the crossing of hands over the legs itself. Such type of bending as well as posing actually improves the flow of blood and makes it fast. It removes the dead skin cells and imparts the facial skin a natural and fresh glow. It also retards the skin aging and helps you in keeping young and beautiful.

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#4 – Matsyasana (Fish Yoga Pose):

Matsyasana Yoga Asana

This is posing like a fish. This yoga asana improves the health of your skin. Additionally, it improves the functioning of the thyroid gland, pineal and also the pituitary gland. It also normalizes the level of hormones. Since the matsyasana stretches the muscles of your face as well as the throat, it is quite a beneficial form of yoga to remove the double chin.

#5 – Pranayama:

Man practicing pranayama

This facilitates the proper breathing process and is considered as the best asana for improving the breathing process. The individual is required to inhale and also exhale the air in a proper manner. It is a quite easy and effective form of yoga for glowing skin. It also in keeping away the wrinkles and imparts you a fresh, glowing and youthful skin.

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Image Courtesy: MatsyasanaSavasana