Resistance Band Workou

The human body comprises of fat cells that accumulate on different body parts and form cellulite. Later on daily consumption of calories causes obesity. Instead of taking stress and becoming patient of depression it is advised by the health experts that one should follow resistance band workout. Exercises are regulated by professional experts in the workout station with the help of gym tools and equipment. A resistance band is one of the latest and most useful tools that people use for building muscles of arms, thighs, and chest.

In the past days, it was assumed that resistance bands were only useful for mid-age females who want to lose inches while doing aerobics, but as time passed thinking of people across the world changed. You can use the resistance band as per your height, size and strength. It gives firmness and could be carried anywhere in the luggage. They are weightless, some have handles and some have only loops for grip.

Types of Workout:

People in the gym and even at home do resistance band workout very easily and they are as follows:

Bench Press:

Bench Press Exercise (Workout)

While lying down on the bench with your back, you are supposed to hold the resistance band tightly in both hands with equal strength. The band is anchored on the bench so that strength could be applied. 15 to 20 repetitions are followed with gradual movement so that muscles can sustain the pressure nicely instead of getting hurt.

Cross Over:

This is another popular type of workout that strengthens your back, arms and shoulders. Lean with the back towards the pillar or gym machine rod. In vertical standing position hold the band which is anchored at the back of the pillar support. Now stretch the band forward with equal strength. Do not push your body in extreme in order to make lean muscles fast. Give some time to the body parts to adopt the exercise pattern in the initial days.

Curl Exercise:

This is very common when done with dumbbells. Workout freaks explain that the whole body gets into charge when curls workout is performed by using a resistance band.

Triceps Extension Exercise:

Triceps Extension Exercise

With the use of resistance band you can build a great triceps muscle in just a few weeks. Legs are placed above the band and handles are held firm in each hand equally and stretched upwards stressing up in the elbows. Make sure you are not pulling very hard while coming back band slips over. Avoid extra pressure and strength; allow the stretching until you can handle it properly.

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However, lower back and shoulder exercises are performed very well with the help of the resistance band. Many gym trainers review that bands are the best tool in a gym that can build exclusive muscles and enhance the power of that part. Each body type is different so as its strength, so before buying the resistance band for home gym take out time for online survey. Therefore, the shoulder press, abdomen press workout, and quads exercise all are done with the help of resistance band.

Why resistance bands instead of free weights?

The constant tension on the body muscles is only achieved by the resistance bands. Whereas free weights give short term effect and that is why asks the workout person to repeat the routine for several weeks to achieve the desired physique. Both eccentric and concentric portions are focused on the resistance band workout.

Usually, people during the workout neglect the eccentric phase which is equally important to emphasize upon. In the online market various workout supplies websites are offering resistance bands in different sizes and strengths. You can select according to your height, weight, and gender easily.

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