Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is:

Collection of information

We carry out the collection of information when the audience visits the website. It includes information about the browsing, utilization as well as the consumption.

While ordering or signing up on the website, you might be asked to enter your personal information like name, email id, mailing address and also a telephone number. The user can also visit the site in an anonymous manner.

Restricted Access

Certain specific sections of our website can only be accessed by the company’s employees or representatives. The contract which is signed by the customer contains some of the terms which set down a certain set of obligations and also our rights with respect to the utilization and disclosure of information which is collected from the customer.

Third Party Obligations

At the discretion, it might be possible that we offer a certain set of third-party products as well as services to the consumer. But the websites of the third parties have their own independent privacy policies. We are not liable or responsible for the content and activities which are being carried out on these websites. Our sole intention is to protect the integrity of the website.


The cookies are actually pieces of information which are placed on the user’s system by the site in order to facilitate and enhance the communication and interaction with the website. The cookies are utilized by us for remembering and also processing the products in the shopping cart and understanding and saving the consumer preferences for a visit in the future.

The information and another sort of behavioral data are collected for the purpose of targeting, advertisement and for the better understanding of its effectiveness.

Protection and Confidentiality of Information

The reasonable security measures are employed for the protection of the security as well as the confidentiality of information which is collected from the user. But we never sell and transfer the user’s information to the outside parties. However, in this case, the exception is the trustworthy third parties who are associated with us.

Legal Obligations

The user’s personal information will be released when the disclosure is required to comply with the law.

Your contact information

If you have questions about the privacy aspects of our services or would like to make a complaint about our compliance with this Privacy Policy, You may reach-out by email at!