Ingrown Hairs Treatment

An ingrown hair is a hair that grows into the skin instead of outward. It occurs when the sharp tip of the hair after shaving, tweezing or waxing, curls back into the skin of the hair follicles. It is a common benign condition.

Ingrown hairs often become itchy, painful red bumps similar to pimples. They are sometimes pus-filled.

What Causes Ingrown Hair?

Ingrown Hair

The leading reason for ingrown hair is improper methods of hair removal, especially shaving.

Shaving too close to the skin creates a sharp tip on the end of each hair. Most hair grows without any problems, but few curls back and grows into the skin. The body reacts to the hair like an intruder, when this happens causing inflammation, a typical symptom of ingrown hair. Clogged hair follicles with dead skin cells and debris can lead to ingrown hairs.

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How to Prevent It?

#1 – Lubricate, Before Shaving:

Shaving dry can create especially sharp edges. Use shaving cream or gel and let it soak into the skin for a few minutes to soften the hair. Shave in the shower when the hair is wet then apply the cream or gel.

#2 – Use a Sharp Razor:

Use Sharp Razor

With a dull razor, there is a likelihood of having to go over the skin multiple times, raising your risk of cutting, irritating the skin, and, possibly, getting an ingrown hair or infection.

#3 – Exfoliate Before Shaving:

If you have sensitive skin, use a warm washcloth to remove dead skin cells. Otherwise, use a gentle moisturizing scrub.

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How to Treat Ingrown Hairs?

Trying to treat ingrown hair at home can lead to bad consequences. A person can hurt themselves while using sharp objects in the tricky area of skin. The tools will not be properly sterilized either which will lead to further infections. It is best to get them treated by a dermatologist.

The best way to treat ingrown hair is to prevent it from happening.

Alternate Methods of Hair Removal

Waxing, Shaving, Tweezing and Plucking are hair removal methods that lead to ingrown hair. Depilatory creams are another way to remove hair removal that will prevent ingrown hairs. Laser Hair Removal is a permanent form of hair removal that will prevent ingrown hairs.