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Fitness training comes in many forms, each with its unique benefits tailored to specific fitness goals. From bodybuilding to powerlifting and calisthenics, there are a plethora of popular training types among the masses. However, a new technique is emerging as a rival to these sought-after techniques. Fitness expert Shelby Robins’ original approach, Meditative Athletics, is shaking up the fitness training industry.

Shelby has been in the fitness business for seven years. Constantly amalgamating her experiences with fitness fundamentals, she invented an entirely new training method with a unique goal. Unlike other practices, Meditative Athletics does not single out aesthetic building or strength training. Though, it still aims to achieve both by taking a different route that has life-transforming effects.

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Meditative Athletics focuses on wholesome health, which is the core idea behind it. Shelby has developed this technique with the goal of improving both physical and mental well-being, addressing both aspects of overall health through her innovative approach to fitness. It is a unique mix of aerobic and willpower training, muscular strength training, body composition, body endurance, and flexibility training. Adding elements from these methods in the right proportion for each client creates a fitness plan that strengthens you mentally and physically while transforming the body form through targeted gains.

Another focus of her training method is dieting and nutrition. From the right supplements to complete diet plans, Shelby leaves no stone unturned to help her clients attain the ideal health. Following Meditative Athletics training, you will learn to track macros for enhancing workout productivity and develop a diet required for muscle bulking. Meditative Athletics acts as the sole framework required for revamping physiological and dietary well-being.

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Training willpower is also a part of her workout philosophy because, according to Shelby, solely training the body is just one-half of the fitness journey. One cannot draw maximum fitness results without paying equal attention to their resolve. After all, to achieve any goal in life, having a strong will is a prerequisite. Meditative Athletics makes sure to engage clients in increasing their willpower so that they can have the best transformation experience.

Apart from enhancing your health, Meditative Athletics gives wonderful results in bulking transformations. Excluding the bulk-gain success stories of her clients, Shelby’s own transformation is proof enough for the credibility of her technique. The way she bulked from under 100 lbs to 130 lbs, gaining exactly in the right areas she intended to, made quite the statement in the fitness world. Her neoteric technique is an all-rounder methodology, taking up the training industry by storm.

As an expert in combining mental and physical health, Shelby has healed thousands of her clients through her training and nutrition plans. Head over to her Patreon to have a look at her exact training methods and turn your fitness dreams into reality.