Prebiotics Foods for Digestion

Both pre and probiotics assume diverse jobs in the human body. You may know about the medical advantages of probiotic. Prebiotic foods for digestion are similarly as imperative as probiotic for your stomach well being. You don’t need to rely upon prebiotic supplements for the ideal necessity of prebiotics. There are some sure food products available today which can give you the required measure of prebiotics. Here are a few food products which you can instill in your eating routine to keep your gut healthy and fit.

#1 – Onion:

Onions - Prebiotics Foods for Digestion

Onions are a typical element of an Indian kitchen. You can devour both cooked and raw onions. Including raw onions in your diet will give you more prebiotics. Onion is additionally extraordinary in taste which can be delighted in with different food related things. The proximity of raw fiber in raw onions will advance great microscopic organisms in your gut. Onions, as prebiotic foods for digestion additionally have calming properties and can likewise treat certain hypersensitivities.

#2 – Flax seeds:

Flax Seeds - Prebiotics Food for Digestion

Flax seeds are amazingly healthy and are high in dietary fiber and different supplements and hence come under prebiotic foods for digestion. Flax seeds advance great microbes and assimilation. You can add flax seeds to your shakes and smoothies or as a plate of mixed greens dressing.

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#3 – Garlic:

Garlic - Prebiotic Food for Digestion

Garlic is another essential and regular element of an Indian kitchen. You can discover garlic in pretty much every Indian kitchen. Garlic is generally added to different dishes which gives different medical advantages and furthermore improves the essence of the food. Aside from cooking it, you can likewise expend raw garlic early morning. Take a couple of garlic cloves and smash them in a grinder or mortar pestle and devour it with a glass of water each morning when you are on an empty stomach. Garlic will murder hurtful microscopic organisms and will advance the development of good microorganisms.

#4 – Dandelion Greens:

Dandelion greens can be utilized in plates of salads and are an extraordinary wellspring of fiber. The inulin fiber in dandelion greens lessens blockage, builds benevolent microorganisms in the gut and lifts the immune framework. Dandelion greens are likewise known for their diuretic, calming, cell reinforcement properties against cancer growth and cholesterol-bringing down impacts.

#5 – Apples:

Apples Prebiotic Foods for Digestion

As you probably are aware an apple daily keeps away any doctor, it additionally has prebiotic benefits. When you expend apples which come under famous prebiotic foods for digestion, butyrate inside your body expands which is a short chain of unsaturated fats. It underpins the great microscopic organisms inside the body. It likewise diminishes the number of awful microscopic organisms. Apples will likewise give you different advantages like improved rate of digestion and enhancement of healthy or good cholesterol levels. Different research based studies likewise demonstrate that apples lessen the danger of specific cancerous growths.

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#6 – Leeks:

Leeks originate from indistinguishable family from onions and garlic, and offer comparative medical advantages. Leeks advance solid gut microscopic organisms and help in the breakdown of fat. Leeks are likewise high in flavonoids, which bolster your body’s reaction to oxidative pressure. Leeks are frequently utilized in cooking for their unmistakable flavor. They are high in prebiotic inulin fiber and vitamin K.

#7 – Banana:

Banana - Prebiotic Foods for Better Digestive System

Bananas are likewise found effectively in our Indian kitchen food store. A great many people appreciate banana in their morning meal. It is likewise wealthy in numerous supplements which can profit the body in different ways. Bananas have additionally been known as the wellspring of healthy microorganisms and hence improve digestion. It can likewise resolve the bloating feeling. With regards to prebiotic impact, raw bananas are progressively advantageous.

#8 – Asparagus:


Asparagus is a well-known vegetable and has appeared to advance cordial microscopic organisms in the gut. It has also been connected to the counteractive action of specific diseases. The blend of fiber and cancer prevention agents in asparagus additionally seems to give mitigating benefits. Asparagus is a spring vegetable rich in prebiotic fiber and cancer prevention agents. It may help keep certain malignant growths away.

Prebiotic foods for digestion are high in exceptional sorts of fiber that help in stomach related wellbeing. Prebiotic foods have likewise been appeared to improve metabolic wellbeing and even help keep certain ailments. It is a known fact that a portion of the fiber substance of these foods might be changed amid cooking, so endeavor to expend them raw as opposed to having them cooked. Do yourself and your gut some help by eating a lot of these prebiotic foods.