Raw Vegan Diet for Weight Loss

The raw vegan diet is great for your health, and it’s good for the environment too. But, how does it stack up against other diets for weight loss? And how fast will you lose weight after making the switch to raw veganism?

While these are valid questions, they are also tough to answer. The simple answer is that you should lose weight quickly and easily on a raw vegan diet, but it’s impossible to say how much or how fast.

Why not?

Because there are too many variables in play to provide a definitive answer. Where some people could lose 3-6 pounds within the first two weeks, others might only lose 1-2. Some people might even gain weight, but this is quite unlikely.

Several factors determine how much weight you can lose on a raw vegan diet, and how fast you lose it. You have control over some of those factors, while others you do not. Those factors include:

Factors To Lose Weight On Raw Vegan Diet:

#1 – Your Current Diet:

Current Healthy Diet

If you are currently eating a diet packed with processed foods, lots of unhealthy fat and sugar, and eating far more calories than you need, a raw vegan diet will be a significant change. Because of this, you’ll go from consuming way too many calories to far fewer than usual, and that will produce rapid weight loss.

The good news is that, because raw vegan foods are naturally low in calories, you can eat a lot of food and still lose weight. Hunger should not be an issue on a raw vegan diet, even if your previous diet contained too many calories.

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#2 – How Much Weight You Need to Lose:

Most dieters find that, when they make the decision to lose weight, initial weight loss tends to be fast and dramatic. For example, you could lose five pounds in the first week of a raw vegan diet. This can be very gratifying and motivating.

Unfortunately, weight loss will gradually taper off as you get closer to your target weight. That’s because your calorie intake will more closely match your calorie expenditure. Don’t get disheartened that you are no longer losing weight so quickly; it’s perfectly normal. So long as your weight continues to fall, even if it’s just 1-2 pounds per week, you are making great progress.

#3 – Your Food Choices:

Lose Weight on Raw Vegan Diet

While all raw vegan foods are nutritious and healthy, some contain more calories than others. For example, a cup of olive oil contains a whopping 1,910 calories. In contrast, a cup of chopped broccoli florets contains a measly 31 calories. That’s an enormous difference! 

If you want to lose weight on a raw vegan diet, you need to make smart food choices. It is entirely possible to gain weight on a raw vegan diet if you eat too much of the wrong types of food. 

According to the Raw Vegan Traveler blog, the best way to make sure you lose weight is to adopt the 80 10 10 diet, where only 10 percent of your calories come from fat. Fat is the most calorie-dense nutrient group, and eating less fat is an easy way to avoid eating too many calories. 

#4 – How Well You Stick to Your Raw Vegan Diet:

One of the best things about the raw vegan diet is how easy it is to follow. You don’t need to buy weird, rare, or expensive ingredients, and you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen making complicated low-calorie recipes.

Instead, all you need to do if fill up on raw veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Meals require minimal preparation, and you should have no problem sourcing great raw vegan food in your local supermarket. With less work to do, you’ll have fewer excuses for straying off your diet.

That said, some people are better at sticking to new diets than others. Even the best diet will only work if you follow it consistently. If you keep straying from your raw vegan diet, eating high-calorie foods from time to time, you’ll lose weight more slowly than someone who doesn’t cheat at all.

If you are serious about losing weight on the raw vegan diet, you need to be consistent and avoid straying off-plan.

#5 – How Active You’re:

Eating fewer calories is only part of the weight-loss equation. You also need to consider your calorie expenditure. If you are mostly sedentary, you won’t expend as many calories per day as someone who is more physically active. In contrast, if you have an active job or work out regularly, your calorie expenditure will be higher, and you should lose weight more quickly and easily.

You don’t have to exercise to lose weight, but it can help. Any kind of workout will be beneficial from hitting the gym to jogging to yoga and tai chi. Not an exercise fan? No problem. Just adding a 30-minute walk to your daily schedule can speed up weight loss.

#6 – Your Genetics:

So far, we’ve mainly focused on modifiable factors that can affect your weight loss results. That means they are things you can control. You can choose which foods you eat, how much exercise you do, and how strictly you follow a raw vegan diet. However, there are some non modifiable factors that can also affect your weight loss results, namely genetics.

Your genes play a big part in dictating who you are. They are the reason you have blue eyes, brown hair, are tall, or have dark skin. They may also affect your weight.

Studies have revealed that there are genetic differences between naturally slim people and those who gain weight easily or find it hard to lose weight. That doesn’t mean that, if your genetics are against you, you can’t lose weight. However, it does mean that to lose weight, you will have to work a little harder than someone who has favorable weight loss genes. You may also lose weight more slowly.

People who are not genetically predisposed to lose weight need to pay more attention to the food they eat and their levels of physical activity. Where those with favorable genes can afford to be a little looser with their diet and still lose weight, less genetically blessed people cannot.


While it is impossible to say how much or how fast you’ll lose weight on a raw vegan diet, it’s a safe bet to say that it’s one of the best ways to reach your weight loss goals. In addition, by knowing the variables that affect weight loss, you can also take additional steps to maximize weight loss. Most raw vegan foods are naturally low in calories, low in sugar, and loaded with beneficial nutrients. Not only can a raw vegan diet help you lose weight, but it is also good for your health.