Yoga Poses for Kids, Children and Babies

Yoga is not only meant for elders; rather, it is intended to keep kids healthier and make their body flexible. Kids in their growing age require extensive support of exercises and yoga does that without much difficulty. Training kids in yoga unleashes the door to a lifetime practice that fosters healthy body and mind. As known to all, elders turn to yoga for achieving peace of mind; while, yoga poses for kids help them to have an activity filled with fun. Of course, every child undertaking a learning activity with fun learns faster than others in their category. It is all about keeping them engaged in an activity that supports health at its best.

Yoga has always been utilized for channelizing the inner force in the body and keep it in sync with the mind. The main idea of learning yoga by kids is to make their body stretch properly. As they are in a growing stage, expansion of brain power and cognitive skills is imperative. And that’s where yoga helps a lot in handling obstacles coming in the way of dealing with behavioral problems. So, it is always better for the kids to train in yoga under an experienced expert with extensive knowledge on every pose.

Yoga is aimed at uniting the egocentric self with that of divine self. In fact, it is all about exercising a perfect balance between the mind and body. Indeed, the various poses of Yoga is intended to propel spiritual well-being in the body without doubt. There are various styles of yoga, comprising of breathing exercises, body postures and meditation. One can check-out a variety of yoga poses for kids that can help the kids in having healthier and safe lifestyle.

List of Yoga Poses for Kids:

#1 – Cat and Cow Yoga Pose (Marjaryasana & Bitilasana):

Animal related yoga poses for kids is associated with playful, relevant picturization that makes you feel yoga as a playful activity. With their hands and knees, let them walk by tumbling their belly and watching up as a matter of Cow Pose. Further to this, that can continue by arching their back as an angry cat to formulate Cat Pose. As they practice the pose easily, train them in breathing-in with Cow pose and breathe out with Cat pose.

#2 – Tree Yoga Pose (Vrksasana):

Tree Yoga Pose - Vrksasana

The purpose of Tree Yoga Pose is to enable kids to enhance their inner strength and attention. In this regard, it is necessary to help kids in standing tall and proud. This is done to infuse confidence and strength in them. Another thing to note is that kids should be trained for the balancing portion by placing the sole of one foot over the inner section of the other leg. With the help of balancing, kids learn to focus and stay determined.

#3 – Easy Yoga Pose (Sukhasana):

Sukhasana - Easy Yoga Pose

Also known as Sukhasana, the Easy Yoga Pose is quite an efficient one with lots of benefits. For this, the kid has to sit with back straight, fold their knees and put their feet one on the other in criss-cross position. With this pose, you tend to get a better posture for sure.

#4 – Corpse Yoga Pose (Shavasana):

Corpse Yoga Pose - Shavasana

Much-famed as Shavasana, one has to lie down on the ground or yoga mat straight with arms straightened on each side and eyes closed. This is known to be an excellent way to relax for the kids.

#5 – Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana):

Hero Yoga Pose (Virasana) - Yoga Poses for Kids

In this Hero pose, one needs to sit with knees bent with feet touching the hips. Also, it is necessary to straighten the spine and drop the shoulders a bit down. Relax and breathe slowly. This pose happens to stretch the spine, improves digestion and posture too.

Benefits of Yoga Poses for Children & Babies:

Yoga has always been an important way of handling chronic pains, stress, depression and various other issues. There are a variety of yoga poses for kids and have their own benefits altogether. Definitely stating, the yoga is like an antidote to a variety of emotional as well as physical problems of kids. In fact, it is extremely important for exercising balance in life and making body healthier than ever. This is the reason that Yoga is quite an essential mode to enjoy different health benefits and keep the mind focused.

  1. It is effective in reducing chronic pains.
  2. It improves sleep and even postures because of stretching.
  3. It enhances the child’s behavioral pattern and focus level.
  4. It has the ability to reduce fatigue and stress in kids.
  5. It improves lifestyle by bring balance in emotional behavior.
  6. It helps kids in improving their mood and self-resilience skills.
  7. It is intended to enhance endocrine functions as well as memory.


Yoga is the oldest form of exercise, which has always added to spiritual well-being and improves cognitive power of kids. It is aimed at creating healthy opportunities for the kids and make sure that they have better focus than others. The yoga poses for children and babies help them in staying fit and have sharp mind-set. Kids are fun-loving people, who can carry out any activity with a sense of fun in it. The basic purpose of yoga is to infuse energy in body and keep the mind alert enough to focus on core activities. So, it is always better to follow extensive yoga poses meant for kids to make their body flexible. After all, each and every pose of Yoga has its own specific benefits for body and mind.

Image Source: Hero Yoga Pose, Tree Yoga Pose, Easy Yoga Pose, Corpse Yoga Pose