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7 Prenatal Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women

Yoga has been a prevailing form of exercise for kids, adults and elder person that has been in practice since many years. Prenatal yoga poses definitely help pregnant women which has proven to be a boon. Proper poses in yoga can be tried as this assures safety as well as care to both mother...

4 Ideal and Energizing Seated Yoga Poses

Yoga is all about peace, happiness and different asanas that help you to achieve holistic life. There are various poses in yoga and every asana has a great significance and offer great benefits to your body.  Most of the asanas can be done standing, some can be done while lying down and some can be...

Physical and Health Benefits Associated With Yoga in the Morning

Most of the times, when people feel a bit down, they tend to treat themselves to something nice to boost their moods. Sadly, many individuals are yet to know how important it is to practice 15 minutes of yoga every morning before going out to work. Regardless of who you are, and the nature...

The 8 Good Habits of Highly Healthy People

What if doctors can eliminate most of the diseases by treating the underlying causes of chronic diseases rather than medicating the patients and make them unconscious of the problem hidden by medications? This is where we have to understand the approach that we all have towards health. Most of us go to doctors is to...

A Yoga Interview with Samyak Yoga Institute

My name is Yogacharya Rakesh, one of the founder-teachers of Samyak Yoga, Mysore India. I have studied along with Yogacharya Arvind in Veda Vijnana Gurukulam, a traditional Yoga-Vedanta Gurukula system of education for seven years. This is a traditional education system where you live with the teacher and learn the way of life. I...

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