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How Yoga And Diet Help To Live In Peaceful Living And Healthy Life

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Most people here will define their physical fitness as good health. But, mental health, they fail to realize as an asset that is equally crucial as fitness. One can only attain peaceful living when they are keeping track of both their physical fitness and mental health. Health is just not being physically active but your body...

7 Different Types Of Yoga: How To Find The Right Style For You

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Yoga is the only body science that is over thousands of years old. It continues to hold prowess in the health and wellness world. The science originated in India and some of its oldest styles are known as Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa. Ever since, with the changing times more versions of yoga have arrived,...

Surya Namaskar – A Spectacular Side of Yoga

Yoga is an imperative part of our life as it channelizes the growth of energy in the body. Besides this, it intends to purify your soul and enable control over five senses. The primary part of yoga is Surya Namaskar, which has been conceptualized as a sequence of 12 asanas or poses. These are...

This Yoga Day Try Out Aroma Yoga Therapy for Health and Happiness

She was in pain, she felt lost. She hadn't slept well in years. She was successful at work, a supermom to her kids, and juggled way too many roles. And now she needed help — physically and mentally. She was exhausted. She showed me her photographs that were taken just a few years ago -...

7 Prenatal Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women

Yoga has been a prevailing form of exercise for kids, adults and elder person that has been in practice since many years. Prenatal yoga poses definitely help pregnant women which has proven to be a boon. Proper poses in yoga can be tried as this assures safety as well as care to both mother...

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