Dentist for Kids

As soon as your child starts to teeth, you will want to start brushing them with a soft baby toothbrush, and you will also need to consider which dentist you are going to take them to. It’s never too early to take your children/kids to the pediatric dentist. An early introduction can help to reduce any chance of anxiety when visiting the dentist in older life. As a child, they will want to visit their dentist every six months as they develop and grow into adults, and there are many benefits to doing so.

Help To Prevent Plaque, Tartar, & Cavities

Visit Dentist Every Six Month

Even when we brush after every meal, it is hard to remove all the plaque and tartar that can build up. If this is not removed, cavities can form, meaning your child may need to have a filling. A regular visit to the dentist will help to prevent this from becoming a problem, and with a quick scrape and polish will have their teeth back to being smooth and clean. Your local North Shore dentist covering Lane Cove, Chatswood & Mosman will be able to provide this service and help to keep your family’s smile healthy and shining white.

Early Detection Of Disease & Other Problems

There are often early warning signs of disease and other problems that we may not see, and a dentist will notice when giving you a check-up. There are oral cancers that dentists are specially trained to detect, and the earlier that these are detected, the easier they are to treat and more likelihood of a favourable outcome. Even if you do not notice any apparent symptoms, seeing your dentist every six months can help to ensure that any potential problems do not turn into significant ones.

Help To Avoid Gum Disease

Another significant benefit of regular check-ups with your local dentist is that they can also help to prevent gum disease from becoming an issue. When tartar and plaque build-up, your gums may become infected with gingivitis, which attacks and erodes the gums, potentially causing tooth loss. Regular visits to your dentist can help to see the early warning signs and address them before they become a significant problem.

Preventing Gum Disease

Help To Prevent Bad Habits

A regular visit to your dentist can also help to educate your child from developing bad habits, whether these are with their diet or their oral hygiene routine. Your dentist will be able to explain the consequences of bad habits such as sugary foods and drinks, chewing gum, smoking, grinding your teeth, as well as many more. 

With the correct support from you and a guiding hand from your friendly local dentist, you can help to educate your child and give them the tools that they need to maintain their smile and keep it shining bright for many years to come.

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