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Parents are always keeping a close eye on their kid’s physical, emotional and mental health. One of the critical aspects of growth in children is the development of teeth. Kids lose their baby teeth around 6-7 years of age. While they are excited about the tooth fairy, you are concerned about the shape and size of their growing adult teeth. Relax! You don’t need to worry if you spot any abnormality in the shape or size of their growing teeth. Visit a good orthodontist. The earlier you visit, the better!

In the meanwhile, you can make individual efforts at home also. Let’s have a look at what general practice you should follow to make sure your child grows straight teeth.

Stop Thumb Sucking & Pacifier:

These are the habits in your child that are stuck with them. It is a mammoth task to make them get rid of sucking their thumb and pacifier.

Some children start sucking their thumb even before they are born. It is a tactic used by them to go to sleep and get rid of stress. So identifying the stress trigger will help you to rectify the problem. Pacifier is another alternative that parents use to get rid of a thumb-sucking habit. However, using a pacifier or thumb sucking by baby post two years of age increases the risk of protruding and crooked teeth. The American Academy of Family Physicians insists on stopping the usage of a pacifier after six months only.

If you are not able to control these habits by your intervention, don’t delay in contacting pediatricians and dentists. They can advise better with their experience with children.

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Value of Oral Hygiene:

Dentist for Kids

Oral hygiene is a way for healthy teeth. And if the health of your kid’s teeth is good, the chances of them growing straight teeth increases. If teeth don’t decay, they break naturally minimizing the cases of any abnormality. Start brushing your baby’s teeth from the time their first teeth start growing. Take care of their gums as well. Educate them about proper oral hygiene routines. Please encourage them to brush twice for two minutes daily. Gradually teach them to floss. Also, promote the consumption of healthy food instead of sweets and candies.

Regular Visits to Orthodontist:

Please take them to check up with the orthodontist yearly. They can spot any abnormality at the very beginning. It will make the treatment more comfortable and short in duration. You might be thinking that you should wait for your child to reach the age of growing adult teeth. But it becomes easy for orthodontists to treat children for straight teeth in the growing stage of their jaw. Their appliances will widen the jaw, which will make enough space for upcoming teeth. If the jaw is also in the growing phase, it adapts to the correct shape easily.

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Final Words:

Regular dental check-ups before the age of 7 are highly recommended by The American Association of Orthodontists. Follow all these advice as mentioned above and enjoy watching the white and bright smile of your kids.