Depression During Quarantine

The uncertainty due to the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus may be stressful to many. You’re not alone if the constant fear due to the rapid increase in several COVID-19 affected patients is bothering you to a great extent.

It is natural to feel hopeless and helpless, and ultimately at the verge of depression due to the fear of getting infected and the people surrounding us.

However since everyone reacts differently to stressful situations, there are possibilities that the elders and the kids at your home feel stronger emotions than yours.

To cope with stress, firstly, you need to stay positive. Secondly, keep on reading this article and find out some interesting tips to help your beloved ones struggling with such negative feelings.

Tips to Help Your Family Member With Depression During Lockdown:

Health Rules During Covid-19 Lockdown

#1 – Show Your Support:

Communication plays a major role in helping someone who is stressed. Let them know that you are available to them. Listen to their concerns and spend as much time as possible to understand better their worries and problems.

Affirm them that they are not alone and you fully understand what they are going through. That’s how you can curb their feeling of loneliness that is most common while a person feels stressed out. They need to feel;, loved, valued and cared for at this time.

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#2 – Involve in Home Based Activities:

Though it’s not a safe choice to go out and play even after the lockdown rules are completely lifted. So, indulging in some fun indoor activities will be a good option and an effective strategy to shift the focus of your beloved ones from the gloomy news that makes them upset to something interesting which makes them happier.

We all know that the kid loves playing around. Take part in any of their favourite activities like painting, dancing, board games etc. to protect their mental health.

#3 – Stay Virtually Connected:

Stay Virtually Connected

In the era of social media, it has become a lot easier to stay connected with our friends and family members. Social medium is a huge blessing for us to connect with our community through tough times like this pandemic.

Therefore, do not hesitate to make a video call or drop a text to frequently check in your people if they are doing fine. These small acts of kindness have a huge impact on other people. It’s the small gestures that can help others to stay motivated and overcome any negative feeling quickly. Make it to your daily habit.

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#4 – Sweat Out Together:

Exercising is super important to boost mood and soothe the feelings that are affecting our mental and physical health. On that note, push your family members to workout regularly.

Share the numerous health benefits of exercising to realize them the importance of moving. Exercising together offers a range of benefits. Check some of them below:

  • It helps to strong your relationship bond
  • You can spend quality time with everyone
  • You can motivate each other to move harder
  • You can emotionally connect with them
  • You can easily achieve your fitness goals
  • Relive Good Old Memories

It is important to stay happy in troubling times for introducing the mind towards positive things. For that reason, reliving the special moments together is a great feeling that helps to boost happiness inside and out.

Go through the pictures or videos of your most memorable trip that you have had altogether to recharge emotionally and mentally. Positive memories have a huge impact on ourselves and others. This is a great activity for mood enhancement.

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#5 – Have Family Meal:

Have Family Meal

Eating together as a family is a golden opportunity to teach kids about the importance of healthy eating. The family bond can be strengthened and some good memories can be created while having a meal together.

While depression, people indulge in stress eating to find temporary relief. If you eat together, you can stop them from deteriorating their health and follow a healthy lifestyle instead which is definitely the need of the hour.

Make sure your healthy meal consists of immunity-boosting food like spinach, broccoli, mandarin, orange, pomegranate juice, ginger, garlic, sweet potato.

#6 – Share Action Steps:

Sometimes the person just wants to share their feelings with you to lower the burden of stress that they are carrying and feel better. It is not necessary that they are seeking solutions every time.

Therefore, you need to be careful and calm to deal with anyone going through a rough phase of life. Do not force your suggestions. Let them pour their heart out then ask them the two important things.

  • Do you have any plans to improve the situation?
  • Do you need any ideas/solutions to change the situation?
  • Take Medical Help

If any one of your friends or family members is not able to cope with the stress and depression despite trying their best with the coping strategies, you should definitely get in touch with a health professional.

There are many health experts providing online health councils during these difficult times so that you stay safe at home and get the required treatment as well. I would advise you minimize the visit of nearby clinics or hospitals unless it’s an emergency to protect yourself and the people surrounding you from getting infected.

Final Thoughts:

If not properly treated, depression can easily take a toll on the overall health and can raise problems like insomnia, overeating, mood disorder, lack of concentration, exhaustion, fatigue, and the list goes on. Isn’t it hard to see our loved ones struggling with so much pain? I am sure it is.

On that note, reach out to help them immediately. Try to spread positivity in the house so that everyone can cope with any unwanted feeling easily.

Take care of each other, stay in touch and comfort the needy ones by letting them know that everything will be fine soon.

Hope this article will help you to make your beloved ones healthier and happier.

Stay home, Stay Safe!

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