Travel Affecting Mental Health Meditation

Have you ever wondered what made Joker so sadistic enough to kill everyone?

We loved to hate the character, didn’t we? But what was the foreground of the character?

Or how Voldemort became the villain he was?

Even though both of these characters were total fiction based, it does raise a question in mind how mental well-being can affect a person in a good or bad way.

Travel Affecting Mental Health


A clever understanding of the mind (as I would like to believe) is what Taoism is about. The symbolic circle showing two semi drops each with a dot represents the true meaning of mental health as well.

In every good is evil and in every evil is something good.

That is so true that once you acknowledge the fact, it will leave you speechless.

To regain a stable hand over yourself travelling has been suggested as one of the best options.

How Travelling Affects, Us?

Why do we do travelling? There’s always some reason behind it. Sometimes it’s because:

  • A planned holiday
  • A delayed getaway finally coming true
  • A romantic trip
  • A family holiday
  • A business trip etc.

And how do these have affected you? Probably in one way or another it has put its influence on us. Like for instance, I went on a Morocco holidays and it was a good experience for me, something different than my home town and city filled me with cultural curiosity and improved my sullen mood when I first came to Morocco.

Travelling tends to bring the best out of you. You can rely on the fact that it will:

But first, to grow, get nourished and to learn you’ve got to believe that it will work.

Make You Learn

#1 – Never Undermine Yourself:

Not for once believe that you don’t deserve happiness!

It’s our brain’s default, that automatically can’t help but always produce negative vibes even about a small decision of our life. The same goes when you decide to leave behind the past and move forward to some new place.

Travelling is not without its consequences, also depends on how you perceive those consequences. Don’t belittle yourself, always find a way to discover new boundaries. Test yourself, how far can you go and then test those limitations with time.

Just because you are out of money or your student bills are still pending, doesn’t means that you can’t do anything in your life. You can! Move forward to new places in the world. While travelling you can always go for a part-time job in the local premises too, and that is not such a bad idea as you will get to know people and understand from their hardships how easy or cruel life can be.

Your love for travelling can take you anywhere you want. Just listen to your surroundings and learn from it and utilize it to your good.

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#2 – Be Independent:

Feeling scared and broken?

How many times do you feel that you have been cornered by the peer pressure? But not only the peer pressure but also from your family expectations?

Too many times to remember, right?

Isn’t it what travelling helps you with? To fill the void and make you more confident and more certain about the decisions you will make for the future.

It’s freedom of expression!

You have the power to decide where you want to go when you want to go and how you want to travel. It necessarily doesn’t need to be far in the initial stage of tasting the independence you have always yearned for.

Having control of your life is quite fulfilling if you ask me, and that is the boost you need to encourage yourself to move on like an opportunist rather than a failure.

#3 – Lower Your Stress Levels:

Working hard to get a 4.00 GPA? And still missed by two scores?

Or working on SATs and didn’t score enough to get into the college of your choice?

Such things can simply never be underestimated for sure but are it worth the mental stress it puts you in?

I don’t think so.

What it’s going to matter 30 years later when you are having a fun time with your grand-kids? You are not going to take those scores in your grave now, are you? Hard work is important, we agree, but so is mental and physical health. Travelling helps you reduce such stress that can demote your motivation. Work harder but give yourself a break too, you deserve it.

Travelling is like meditation for body and soul. You will feel refreshed if not reborn. And then after charging your inner battery, it would be better if you work for the scores right?

#4 – Accept Realities:

Living in the fantasy world is never going to help you learn and move forward. I used to think like that but once I traveled to Morocco something clicked in me and I changed. Morocco holidays showed me the diversity in the community, how they can co-exist and still be happy.

The thought remained foreign to me back home when I couldn’t adjust with family members but here I got to see the family traditions (that vary hugely) and how different cultures and people belonging to different faith worked shoulder to shoulder.

Accepting things, the way they are and improvising according to it is of utmost importance. You have to believe that you can work your way around any change that might take place in your life. Travelling helps you to understand the changes, adapt according to your surroundings and be more realistic for your life.

Following up to these basic learning tips can be helpful in the long run. You get to decide and choose what is better for you. Never underestimate your goals in life but also never ignore how you feel about those goals.

You can always have new goals and ditch the old ones at any point in your life as long as you are taking care of yourself, that’s what matters the most.