Tips to prepare for safe pregnancy

What do you have to do when you find out you are pregnant? How do you prepare for the coming nine months? What do you need to prioritise and what you should not do? These are some of the questions that would pop up when you find out that you are pregnant. So how do you prepare for the coming nine months? Read the healthy and safe pregnancy tips below to find out.

Ways to Prepare for a Healthy and Safe Pregnancy

#1 – Contact Your Ob-gyn:

Most gynaecologists will not see you right away after you get the pregnancy results. However, it is always recommended to contact and consult them on your condition. You might not have to visit them immediately and right after a pregnancy test comes positive but a quick call would be enough for them to tell you any recommendations and advice you need to follow.

#2 – Prenatal Vitamins:

Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are something that most women are recommended by doctors once they start trying to conceive. This is because the nutrients present in these are essential to the development of the baby, especially in the first four weeks. Look for supplements that contain folic acid and an omega-3 of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These two help the development of the baby’s brain and visual and cognitive growth respectively.

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#3 – Check Your Makeup:

Check the back of your makeup products to see the ingredients. Certain chemicals used in cosmetics tend to be harmful to the growth of the baby. So, if you see any ingredient like that in any of your products, then it is time to find a replacement for that.

Some stuff you need to stay away from are; retinoid, nigh doses of salicylic acid, formaldehyde and even chemical sunscreens. Ask from your doctor and definitely do some extra research onto the kind of products you can and cannot use during the pregnancy.

#4 – Food and Sleep:

Food and Sleep

One of the most known things about pregnancies is that you need to stop the consumption of certain food and drinks. On top of this list are wine and caffeine. Consult your gynaecologist on the kinds of food items you should cross off from your diet for the duration of the pregnancy.

Since your body will be going through major hormonal changes you are likely to experience low blood sugar sometimes. The best solution to this is to carry some healthy snacks with you such as almonds or fruits and enough water with you when you travel.

Another thing you need to look out for is sleep deprivation. Pregnancy, as amazing as it is, can be straining on your body and therefore it is necessary to let your body rest for an adequate number of hours.

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#5 – Pregnancy Clothes:

Once you slowly start to show, it is time to do some pregnancy shopping. If you are looking to shop for new pregnancy clothes Australia has plenty of stores. Check out for some stores closer to you so you can make a quick trip and buy some comfy wear for the months to come. Even if the store is not close to you, you can always do some online shopping, which will also save you the tiresome shopping trip.

Once these initial steps are out of the way, you are more than ready to face the rest of the months. Make sure to continue the good practices and take necessary steps to take care of yourself.