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Do you ever feel that being part of a community can make you feel more connected and supported? The truth is, community plays a significant role in our mental health and emotional well-being. Whether it’s a group of friends, family, or a larger network, being part of a community can have a positive effect on our lives.

In a recent interview, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Stephanie Gilbert spoke about the close relationship between community and mental health. Stephanie defined mental health as a person’s psychological and emotional well-being and emphasized that everyone should prioritize preserving it, just like physical health. She also pointed out that being part of a supportive community can significantly impact our mental health, helping us to feel more connected, secure, and supported.

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What’s more, Stephanie highlighted that a community can be created by individuals with a shared interest or purpose, regardless of where they are located. She cited examples of communities such as schools, sports teams, treatment centers, and book clubs.

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During an online Q&A session at the social science festival, Stephanie emphasized how important a sense of purpose is. She mentioned a research study conducted by the World Health Organization. It showed that for the patients of schizophrenia in third-world countries, the prognosis was better compared to first-world countries, even without medication.

The reason being that patients in third-world countries have better prognoses because they are still seen as part of the community. On the other hand, in first-world countries like the USA, patients are often viewed only as individuals who visit doctors. Their diagnosis can become their identity unfortunately.  In third-world countries, patients maintain their sense of identity and importance within the community.

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Stephanie said many other studies highlight how crucial communities are for a person’s mental health. She added that communities directly contribute to the functioning of society as a whole. It means that the better the communities function, the better the functioning of society.

Notably, not everyone feels like they fit into their community, but they stay put out of fear of feeling alone. Stephanie acknowledged that conforming to fit into a group is not always the solution. She encouraged individuals to look within themselves to assess if the community is aligning with their values and purpose or if they need to find other communities that are more supportive.

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While addressing introverts who may be comfortable in their personal space, Stephanie highlighted that while the community may not be the same for everyone, finding community in a way that works for each individual can still contribute to their mental well-being.

In conclusion, Stephanie Gilbert stressed that community is essential to maintaining mental health and that there are many ways to create and be a part of a community. Through one or more shared interests, everyone can find a community that aligns with their principles and purpose, contributing to their overall mental well-being.

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