Ease Stress and Anxiety

We all tend to feel anxious during a tough situation. This is normal. But, if you fear or worry in an overwhelming manner and begin to conjure up images of doom every now and then, you need to sit up and take notice. This isn’t normal anxiety. This is an anxiety disorder and you need help.

At times, certain medications and even nutritional deficiencies can cause anxiety attacks. Please consult your doctor regarding this. In case you are deficient in nutrition and hate popping supplements, why not try patches? You will fall in love with them! Get them at amazing prices through the latest PatchMD coupon code.

Do you know that people with chronic anxiety problems constantly live with a feeling of dread or fear? They almost always expect some trouble to happen.

The following are a few tips by psychologists. These will help you address your fearful beliefs, tensions in the body, and avoidance behavior. The effectiveness of these tips, according to experts, depends on the severity of your anxiety and the type of anxiety you suffer from.

Smart Ways to Manage Anxiety

“What if…?”

If you always worry about “What if…?” then take a journal and answer this question. Also, write ways in which you can make the situation, which is worrying you, better. 

“I cannot sleep!”

Not able to fall asleep? What is going on in your mind? Pen down the reason. Your mind might be cluttered with thoughts or stressed due to something. Write it down. Keep on writing, until you doze off! 

The Analytical Exercise:

Telling somebody “don’t worry” can have the reverse effect – they will worry more! 

So instead, jot down the worst things that you expect to happen. Also, write what you intend to do when the worst will happen. Plus, write things that you can do to prevent the worst from happening. And if you think you cannot avoid the worst from happening, find out the good things in the worst. Do this analytical exercise.

Soon you will find yourselves enjoying this exercise and your anxiety will disappear. You may even gain more confidence and suddenly realize that you were worrying for nothing. 

Doing What You Fear to Do:

If doing something gives you the creeps, just do it!

For example, you experience stage fright. You cannot stand in front of a sea of people and talk. Then get determined to combat this fright.

Start with small. Arrange for a group of friends as your audience. Stand up and talk in front of them.

Now, arrange for a bigger group that consists of your friends and people who are only a bit familiar. Stand up and talk in front of them.

Now, arrange for a small group containing strangers, maybe 2-3 people. Talk to them.

Thereafter, increase the group to 5-6 people. Gradually, you will gain confidence and sooner or later, you will be talking on stage in front of a huge audience.

Anxiety, what’s that?

Learn to accept and begin to trust the Divine/Higher power:

There are situations in life when you truly cannot do anything. You must accept them. You cannot lose your mind during such times. The attitude of acceptance and deep faith in a Higher power can help you cope through such situations.

Easy Everyday Tips to Fight Anxiety:

  • Exercise: Do yoga asanas. Do aerobics. Go for walks. Physical activity of any kind helps to reduce anxious behavior by releasing ‘happy hormones’ in the body.
  • Meditate: It calms the mind. Anxious people find it hard to achieve a thoughtless state and sit still in concentration. So, instead of stressing yourselves to become thoughtless, focus on your breath. Inhale and exhale deeply and, soon, you will find that you aren’t thinking anything!
  • Eat Healthy Food: Heavy intake of sugary and starchy foods alters brain chemicals and may lead to more anxiety.
  • Cut down on caffeine, which is a brain stimulator.

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