Summer has approached in its full swing. Though everyone is staying inside to flatten the curve of Coronavirus cases but that doesn’t mean you don’t indulge in skin-care anymore.

Most of you might be wondering that staying protected from the sun can’t harm the skin but in reality, the rise in temperature causes excessive humidity inside that can be very exhausting and may affect our skin as well.

Moreover, we are asked to maintain personal hygiene by washing hands frequently which in turn causes dryness and irritation of the skin. Stress and unhealthy eating during this tough time make the skin condition even worse if not look after properly.

I know you don’t have access to any salon which is in the public interest to put an end on the spread of this disease. So, instead of worrying, take this as a golden opportunity and spend some time to take care of your skin.

Given below are some measures that you can follow for a salon-like skin at home!

Let’s give it a read.

Skin Care Tips:

Hydration Is Must:

Hydration Is Must

Water is the key to smooth, bright, and naturally glowing skin. No matter how many DIY’s or high-class beauty products you use to make your skin clean & clear, water is a must. This life-saving drink keeps your skin hydrated by flushing out harmful toxins from the body.

Besides water, you can also drink lemon water, coconut water or chemical-free juices made up of fruits with a high content of vitamin C for some flavorful boost.

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Limit Screen Time:

Limit Screen Time

You might be bored to death considering the current circumstances where you are asked to maintain social distancing and stay at home. Many of you spend hours on social media to kill the boredom which results in damaging your skin.

Yes, you heard it right! As per an article published in Paula’s choice skincare, blue light emitting from the skin can have harmful effects on the skin if used for longer periods.

On that note, do educate yourself about Coronavirus but with required breaks of you looking at the screen.

Use DIY Face Packs:

Use DIY Face Packs

Our grandmothers don’t have access to a salon-like us still their skin is way healthy and glowing. Ever wondered why?

It is because they make use of natural face packs to remove acne, prevent dry or oily skin and of course to get the natural shine. There are plenty of healthy alternatives you can find in your kitchen and make the skin go oh-so-fine!

Here are a few quick, easy, and inexpensive home-made natural home-made masks:

  • Honey, turmeric, curd & lemon juice
  • Multani mitti with Lemon juice
  • Banana, honey & oats
  • Grated cucumber with multani mitti
  • Lemon juice, rose water & glycerin
  • Aloe vera, coconut oil & honey

Keep Moving:

Keep Moving

Besides improving your overall health, exercise helps in improving the overall skin appearance. You can get glowing, younger & healthy skin by indulging in any fitness routine. By increasing heart rate and blood flow, exercising can help to deliver oxygen and essential nutrients to the skin which keeps the skin healthy by promoting collagen production.

However, working out in this scorching heat can cause several skin issues therefore it is advised to wear sunscreen of SPF 30 to your exposed areas no matter whether you are working indoors or outdoors.

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Stick to the Same Routine:

Stick to the Same Routine

Changing skin care routine after every week will no longer help you to get the desired results. You have to be consistent and stick to the same skin regime to get clear skin.

Be patient for the results. You can’t get glowing skin overnight. Also, stop changing skin-care products in frequent intervals this increases the risk of infection.

Sleep Well:

Sleep Well - Skin care tips

I know the news during this tough time can be disheartening which makes you stressed, worried, and won’t let you sleep. But, this will no longer help you to distress rather it wreaks havoc to your entire health.

Having a good night sleep is not only essential for your entire health but also to replenish the largest organ of the body i.e. skin. Therefore, get the recommended amount of rest each night and wake up to glowing skin.

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Consult a Dermatologist:

Consult a Dermatologist

Virtual consultations are gradually becoming a norm in this crucial time. As many people are avoiding to step out and visit clinics unless it’s extremely necessary. Many doctors are offering consultation through digital devices.

In case your skin protection goes out of your control, you can make digital appointments and ask about your skin concerns. To ensure safety, we urge you to consult them first starting up with any product as it may harm your skin.

Final Thoughts:

In the midst of a regular lifestyle, we don’t get enough time to take care of our skin. Honestly, this is the best time when you can make your skin gorgeous on your own by staying inside.

It is quite likely that you are spending less time outdoors and staying make-up free. So, why not give your skin some time to keep away from all those things that cause harm?

Give necessary attention to your skin and let it breathe.  Always remember these 6 easy natural tips for better skin while you’re under a lockdown or not. This skin-care routine never goes out of time. It’s simple, cost-friendly and natural after all!