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Skin is said to be the largest organ of the human body whose function is to protect the internal vital organs from the external environment. It protects the body from harmful sun rays, chemicals, dust, pathogens, microbes, etc. The other functions of the skin are regulating body temperature, permitting the sensations of heat, cold and touch. 

How Does Skin Get Old?

  • Basically, the skin is composed of 3 different layers namely epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. 
  • The cells of epidermis get withered off regularly and are replaced by other cells that are derived from the stem cells.
  • Now, if the stem cells are active, the skin looks young. Once, the stem cells start getting damaged, the skin also starts to lose its attractive and young look.
  • The reason for the damage of the stem cells could be the aging process of a person, exposure to heat, radiation, chemicals, depletion of antioxidants in the body, the low moisture content in the body, improper skin care etc.

The Importance of Skin Care:

  • A good appearance will give you a lot of confidence. To look good, it is necessary to take proper care of the skin using daily health routines. 
  • Keeping apart about the products that help in skincare, it is important to understand that healthy skin fights with germs and prevents many diseases. It is the first line of defense in fighting with harmful foreign bodies.
  • Poor skincare leads to skin problems like acne, wrinkles, sores rashes, blisters, hives, allergy, etc.
  • Aging is an inevitable process. It is obvious that prevention is better than cure. Thus, to look young when you get old, it is better to take good care of your skin.

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Great Habits to Maintain Healthy Skin:

#1 – Proper Nutrition:

Vegan Nutrition

Taking a proper diet is necessary for healthy skin. The skin should be well hydrated so it cannot form any wrinkles. Foods like vegetables, fruits are preferable. Certain foods and drinks may enhance acne. Beware of such foods.

#2 – Wash Your Face:

Whenever you go out, the skin gets exposed to many factors like dust, heat, pollutants which may damage the skin and cause faster aging of the skin. So, washing and cleansing face is necessary. Sometimes, over-washing could also lead to skin problems.

#3 – Using Cosmetic Products:

Cosmetic Products - Skin Care

Cosmetic products like moisturizers, antioxidants, anti-wrinkle agents, sunscreens, exfoliate and herbal preparations all help in skin care. Anti-wrinkle injections are also available as one the quickest and promising ways to prevent wrinkling of the skin. 

#4 – Know Your Skin Type:

It is equally important to know the type of your skin. The three types of skin are oily skin, balanced skin, and dry skin. This happens because cosmetic products are specific to the type of skin.

For example, moisturizers cannot be used for oily skin and are to be used for dry skin.

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#5 – Exercise:

Lastly, exercise or yoga also helps in maintaining healthy skin. Doing it on a regular basis is good for the skin. Here are list of best yoga poses for glowing skin.

Here Is A List of Some Common Types of Ingredients in Cosmetic Products Required to Maintain Healthy Skin and To Prevent Aging:

  1. Anti Wrinkle Agents.
  2. Antioxidants.
  3. Exfoliate.
  4. Sunscreens.
  5. De Pigmenting Agents.
  6. Alpha Hydroxy Acids.
  7. Hydrating Agents.

All these ingredients are also present in food that we eat and in plants. They can be used in natural form and even as a cosmetic formulation like anti-wrinkle injections, anti-tanning agents, cleanser, toner and many more.

Natural Ways to Prevent Aging Are:

  • Green tea is usually rich in antioxidants.
  • Ginger, rich in antioxidants, added in hot tea along with honey gives the best results.
  • Fruit peels like Banana can be used as a mask. 
  • Mix it with honey and apply on to the face and wash after some time.
  • Lemon juice helps in peeling away the dead cells and gives a glow to the skin.
  • Aloe Vera juice and gels.
  • Turmeric is the best in giving shine to the skin.

Therefore, from here we can conclude that skin tends to wither with age, but there are ways in which you can still make your skin look young and glowing. Taking proper care of your skin is important because only then it will surely reward you back with a smooth and youthful texture.