Martial Arts Workout

Martial arts are mainly used for self-defense which has led most people to think there is no other purpose or benefit of martial arts. However, this is not true. Martial arts are not only good for overall health and fitness; it improves the BMI and helps with weight loss as well. The best benefit linked with martial arts is the fact that it is just like cardio as it helps with reducing the risk of a heart attack while reducing fat content. Another important thing is that martial arts help keep your blood sugar levels in control which reduces the risk of hypertension which has become very common nowadays. Overall, martial arts have many benefits for the body and mind that experts are now using different martial arts based exercises within workouts as well.

With the help of this article, we will explore some of the most important yet simple martial arts based exercises that help with improving fitness. Most people get confused about the impact of martial arts exercises because each one engages multiple muscle groups at a time. These exercises promote calorie burn-out rate and are vital in improving your metabolism rate as well.

Martial Arts Exercises That Makes You Fit:

#1 – Speed Boxing:

Boxing Workouts

Speed boxing is a very easy way to lose weight. You just need to focus on the point and keep your arms parallel to each other. Some people go with the flow, others like to pause and take their time. It is up to you to decide how to approach speed boxing. You can also increase the speed with time, try to follow the rhythm, and adjust it according to your needs.

#2 – Shadow Boxing:

An excellent workout that is functional as well. You need a mirror right in front of you to visualize an opponent. Now you have to throw jabs, punches and boxer left and right hooks. Keep your mind occupied with the image of an imaginary opponent. This is an excellent workout for weight loss as well as strength and endurance.

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#3 – Heavy Bag Workout:

A heavy bag workout is an extremely intense fat-melting workout. You will see the sweat pouring through all your pores. For the heavy bag workout, your focus will be on a heavy sand-filled bag in front of you. You will have to punch the bag hard enough that it moves from its original position. You will see improvement in your fitness over time, but your main focus will be on improving your technique.

#4 – Running:

Mobile Running Apps For Weight Loss

Easy, subtle, but extremely effective. Running is one of the best exercises to help you not only lose weight but also tone your body. If you are a beginner who wants to make a future in boxing or martial arts, you need to know how to stay on your toes all the time. With the help of running, you will see improvement in body stability as well. Both of these things are important for boxing and martial arts. However, running is also very important for weight loss because it helps you engage your whole body. Setting the pace according to your goal can also help you make the most of your limited workout time.

#5 – Skipping Rope:

Rope Skipping

Skipping rope is good for improving the strength of the core, arms, and lower body. For fitness, it helps with weight loss which improves the shape of the body as well as your overall body strength.

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#6 – High Jump Kick:

The high jump kick is a  good technique for Muay Thai, BJJ, and MMA fighters. It helps you work out your lower body and improve flexibility as well. Overall, the high jump kick is famous for exerting your lower body muscles.

#7 – Push-Ups:

Tricep push-up extension

Intense but extremely beneficial for core, upper body strength, and body balance, pushups are vital for all martial arts. Most martial arts, especially boxing and BJJ, involve the use of arms and fists for punching. Push-ups are important in improving the strength of your core, arms, and fists.

#8 – Squats:

Yoga Squats

Squats are great for body posture and improve weight loss by burning more calories. The best thing about squats is that it helps you work out your lower body and shape your buttock as well. Overall, it is a great workout for fitness.

#9 – Mediation:


Good for strategy making in martial arts, meditation also helps you control emotions and improve mental health by making sure you stay composed at all times. It also helps improve your mental health.

#10 – Yoga:

Yoga for Stress Management

Yoga is good for the stability of your mind and body. It helps sync your body with your mind which is good for enhancing the beauty of your body, increasing flexibility, and reducing the risk of injury. All these things are not only an improvement for martial arts but also important for overall health and fitness.

Bottom Line:

To sum it all up, even if you are not into martial arts, you will still see that martial arts exercises are very functional. These exercises are intense and help with weight loss. Some of these exercises are commonly used for improving the breathing process while toning your body and improving overall gut health. To use martial arts for self-defense in real life, you will need good reflex action and response time. Confusion when under pressure is one of the issues that can be resolved by using martial arts exercises in workouts.