Shoulder Exercisers

People like to have healthy shoulders and they perform many types of exercises at home and in the gym to keep them healthy so that they do not pain during old age. There are many types of equipment that people use to perform different workouts. Here are some of the machines or shoulder exerciser, which people can use to exercises. The right shoulder exercisers help you go for regular doses of exercise with dumbbells and rotator cuffs to give you the much-needed strength and durability.

List of Best Shoulder Exercisers:

#1 – Cable Cross:

cable crossover machine

The cable cross machines are shoulder exerciser that can be used for shoulder exercises. It can also be used for muscles in other parts of the body. The machine consists of parallel pillars, which are fixed in a moveable pulley. People are able to use the machine in many directions. For body building and physical training you require the right exercise bikes, shoulder balls, and overhead press for giving proper shape to your shoulders.

#2 – Lat Raises:

In this type of exercise, the pulley has to be fixed at the lowest level and a single handle is attached to it. Stand in such a way that the face is towards the pulley. Now the person has to pull his arm up and away from the body. This thing has to be done with the left hand also.

#3 – Front Arm Raises:

In this exercise also, the pulley has to be attached at the lowest level and the handle is attached to it. The handle should be raised up. The person has to move a little away from the equipment, which helps in creating tension.

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#4 – Upright Rows:

In this type of exercise, the straight bar has to be fixed to the cable and pulley has to be set at the lowest point. The person has to face the pillar and hold the bar. These shoulder exercisers have to be pulled up to the chin and then released.

#5 – Rear Delt Fly:

In this type of exercise, the performer has to stand in the middle of the equipment. Now grab both the handles and bend from the hips. The arms should be opened while using the shoulder exercisers and the shoulder blades should be pulled together.

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#6 – Seated Shoulder Press:

Seated Shoulder Press

This machine is available with many variations and people should buy the one which is suitable for the exercises that they want to do. Many of them have been designed in such a way that they seem to be the copy of seated military press.  The person has to sit in the seat and push the handle towards upside. Some of these machines are inclined and people can perform exercises, which work on the chest along with the shoulders. 

People have to choose the ones, which will help them in achieving their goals. People can use these machines only for the shoulders or for both shoulders and chest. There are many such machines in which the person can fit easily and perform the exercises. 

#7 – Smith Machine:

The look of this machine is the same as that of a squat track. Gliding rails are available in the machine to which bars are fixed. This machine can be used to perform various kinds of exercises. People can also use free weight with this machine.

These are some of the shoulder exercisers, which people can use at home or in the gym to perform various types of exercise. Some of the machines can also be used to perform shoulder exercises along both the chest. These exercises will help in keeping the shoulders healthy. You should opt for a personal trainer or go for an exercise package in gym otherwise, you might develop tendonitis. Also, you can do regular shoulder shrugs to get your shoulder in shape.

Image Courtesy: Seated Shoulder Press