Health Benefits of Yoga Poses

When the word yoga is withdrawn from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, it concludes with the meaning ‘to unite’. Indeed, yoga is the practice of unification, with oneself or with higher, divine energy. Yoga is over 5000 years old and was practiced as a way to be physically healthy and mentally sound. Ancient Indians incorporated yoga so faithfully in the lifestyle, that it became more than just an exercise. It was more like a spiritual unification within oneself and within God. Yoga encompasses postures, correct breathing, relaxation and meditation.

Yogas consist of asanas. There are 84 asanas in yoga. Asana is a state where a person is able to sit in a position for a long time. Throughout these asanas, we learn to control and maintain our breathing. These breathing techniques are learnt by meditative asanas like Svastikasana and Sukhasana. Yoga promotes developing a good posture. Along with that, yoga finally embraces us with relaxation. This helps us forget about worldly tensions and the stress caused by it.

Yoga Chakras:

Seven Chakras and Their Importance

An interesting inclusion in the subject of yoga is the theory of chakras. Chakra simply means a spinning wheel. These chakras are located on different points along our spine. The yoga chakras contain and radiate energy to the whole body. Yoga stimulates the opening of chakras. When these chakras are opened up, they produce energy to keep us physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. It keeps the well-being of our spiritual and mental health and keeps them balanced. When these chakras are blocked, it causes imbalance like anxiety, weakness and even physical pain. Yoga empowers meditation and deep breathing that is a pathway to opening your chakras.

In modern and especially sedentary life, it is very important for people to append yoga into their lifestyle. Yoga comes with numerous benefits whether it is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

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Read our info-graphic to find out the top 9 benefits of yoga.

  1. Relives Stress & Anxiety
  2. Keeps Your Heart in Good Shape
  3. Increases Flexibility of Muscles and Joints
  4. Promotes Correct Posture
  5. Helps Smooth Blood Circulation
  6. Helps to Lower Blood Pressure
  7. Increases Focus & Concentration
  8. Encourages Good Sleep
  9. Makes Bones Stronger

Benefits of Yoga

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