Social Media Detox is Vital For Health

Online is not always the space to be in. Sometimes, a break away from it is what you need.

This is the digital era — the time when connection is clearer, processes are faster and communication is better. Using social media has surely been part of humans’ daily life because in it, lots of important information and world updates are acquired. Like a tough bridge, social media brings people closer together. Not to mention, not only personal interactions but business operations are benefiting from its power.

After a long day filled with bulks of paperwork and arduous assignments, probably, staying in social media is your form of rest. Especially during weekends and even while on vacation, you are spending a lot of time in your social media accounts all day. Or maybe, even in between tasks, you don’t skip social media since it has become an aspect of your lifestyle.

Definitely, social media is used to be informed, but it is also valued as an entertainment platform. Yes, that’s indubitably true, HOWEVER, veering away from it is also very important. 

You should allow yourself to have a SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX. This is not just for clout (as some people who don’t find it well say). It is not to seek attention or to let other people wonder why you are offline for a week. Social media detox is voluntary, and it’s something you do for yourself. It is vital for good overall health. If you still don’t believe it or if you don’t know why, then you better finish this list up to the last period! Get enlightened.

Benefits of Taking a Break From Social Media Detox:

#1 – Social Media Detox Lets You Dodge Mental Toxicity.

Dodge Mental Toxicity

Without a doubt, you can learn a lot from social media. Since the latest posts appear on your timeline, you get streamlined updates and news hot off the press! And even posts from 3 days ago can show up. Sometimes, even years-old content pops out when people see and share them. This is awesome for you who doesn’t want to miss any fresh buzz!

What you must be highly cautious of though is that not everything you see in social media is true. Many are fake news and fabricated scoops. From texts to visual content, you cannot always be sure that what’s presented to you is factual.

While it is up to you to verify and believe, there are times when you negatively get affected by these. Even when you are aware that they can be edited or unreal, you might feel paranoid and anxious about disturbing stories you read from your timeline.

Worse is when the feed is filled with real bad news. Instead of being able to recharge and rejuvenate, your mind and your heart are tensed and shocked by these reports. You feel bothered when you leave the house, and you get suspicious of everything.

Certainly, what you get exposed to can have an impact on you. Fairly, it’s alright to seek information from social media, but too much of the negativity-ridden stuff is dangerous. These can harm your mental health. Your good personality and good perspective of the world can be adversely influenced, making you distressed often.

You must take a break away from all these mental toxicities that bring troubles to your mood and emotions. Social media detox is the way to focus more on refreshing ideas and working on having a thriving mental health.

#2 – It Paves Way For Physical Action.

Paves Way for Physical Action

After sitting all day in school or in the office, you go home to sit again and laze in every social media account. This routine is not keeping your body active and energetic. Instead, it causes physical idleness and un-productiveness which can lead to a body that’s not fit and not healthy.

Bear in mind that it is not enough to do well in school and to earn a lot from your tiring job and to merely “enjoy” life in the inactive way you’re used to. Your life needs fervor! Your body needs to stretch out and sweat off.

Vitally, social media detox paves way for physical action! It is spending time with your gym coach if you have one or with you friends in a group fitness class! Maybe your exercise equipment is getting old and rusty from being stored in the dusty corner of your house for years! Start it up!

With your hands on your smart phone logged into your social media account, you are pushed down on your seat or on your magnetic bed. Refrain from too much of that! Detoxify from social media! With your hands on your exercise equipment instead, you will be galvanized to attain a healthier physical body.

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#3 – It Keeps You From Unhealthy Social Comparisons.

Keeps You From Unhealthy Social Comparisons

Instagram feeds, Facebook feeds and other social media timelines are like a wall of fame. You don’t just get informed about what people exhibit; you also tend to compare people with each other. You also compare your life with theirs.

Social comparisons are unhealthy as these cause some frustrations and jealousy among people. The number of likes, reactions, comments and shares seem to determine one’s reputation and existence. For those who have more than a hundred, it could be something they are proud of. For those who have less or none, it could be something that disappoints them and urges them to post more stuff that could be interesting to people.

This is very detrimental to mental, emotional and social health. Your self confidence, self-image and self-esteem should not be based on these social media elements. People are different from each other. You will get to appreciate more of yourself if you refrain from staying in the field of social comparison cycle.

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 4 – It Allows Genuine Self Discovery.

Allows Genuine Self Discovery - Social Media Detox

When you keep using social media, you learn about other people’s lives, the world’s happenings and new explorations too. You might have the fear of missing out on them all, but have you ever feared missing out on yourself?

Due to the rawness that social media detox allows you to have and show, you get to learn more about who you are. More time can be allotted on things that will boost your well-being. You can find healing and therapy from spending time on drawing, painting, singing, dancing and playing instruments. This is a wonderful shot to achieve new cooking recipes and baking techniques. How about leaving the house to visit new restaurants or to bike around the city!

A genuine self-discovery is possible outside the bounds of social media!

#5 – It Frees You To Live In The Moment.

Frees You to Live in The Moment

When you are behind a social media account, you might feel that you have a huge power because you can click on anything you want to and can post everything you desire to. This is what these virtual grounds make people feel and think. That is why many individuals, usually youth, are more confident and courageous online than in real life.

A social media detox allows you to be hidden away from the online world and to be unraveled in the real world. It lets you take delight and capture life without having those Facebook notifications and YouTube ads going in your way!

You don’t usually notice it, but when you are submerged in social media usage, there are rigid invisible walls that isolate you from the rest of the unvarnished realm. Instead of being able to see the genuinity of the world, you get too focused on what the media displays. You need a social media detox!

You will experience the unpretentious freedom and truthful joy of living in the moment if you take time off the cybernated circle.

Living Offline:

There’s more to life than what you see, show and do on social media. Escape the fences of the virtual world as much as you need and can. Taking time to live offline in the middle of this age when social media is determinative is still the best way to live life today.