Weight loss Friendly Foods

The variety of foods that we eat actually goes through different metabolic pathways in the body. It vastly influences the hunger, hormones and also the number of calories which are actually burnt. While no single food is actually a magic bullet for losing weight but there are many of the quick weight loss foods which assist you in achieving the weight loss goals.

You should eat the weight loss friendly foods which are low in energy density and help you to create quite a size-able portion of your routine diet without actually overdoing it on the calories itself. Remember there is not a single food that can actually make or break the diet. Incorporating healthy diet food for weight loss imparts you good nutrition with a satisfying flavor.

The list of quick weight loss foods given below might be new to you but it is quite a smart addition to the overall weekly menu. Include below-mentioned food items in your daily diet and it will become much easier for you to realize your weight loss goals.

Realize Your Weight Loss Goal by Including Below Mentioned Food Items/Products in Your Daily Diet:

#1 – Whole Eggs:

Whole Eggs

Earlier they were feared as the high cholesterol foods but they have made a comeback now. The newly conducted research studies have shown that the whole eggs neither affect blood cholesterol and nor it leads to the heart attack. In fact, it is one of the quick weight loss foods. When you want to consume diet food for weight loss which is high in proteins, good fats and make you feel quite fuller, then this is the food which is very low in calories.

#2 – Beans and Legumes:

Certain varieties of beans and legumes can be highly effective weight loss friendly foods. Such food items include the lentils, beans, kidney beans, and many other types. It is rich in fiber and also protein content. These two of the crucial nutrients actually lead to satiety itself. Thus, beans and legumes are quite a good addition to the list of diet food for weight loss.

#3 – Green Tea:

Green Tea - Weight Loss Friendly Foods

Are you not drinking out green tea after your workout session? Then you are wasting a lot of your time at the barre classes. The study conducted by the Journal of Nutrition showed that people who actually sipped 4 to 5 cups of green tea each and every day and logged into 25 minutes of workout have lost more weight than the non-green tea drinking counterparts. The green tea is actually a wonderful quick weight loss food as it comprises of catechins which is an antioxidant that resists the storage of fats in the belly area and helps in rapid weight loss.

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#4 – Lean Meat:

The proteins which are extracted from the animal food are more thermogenic in comparison to the ones which are obtained from veggies. When you consume lean meat, you automatically are able to burn off around 30% of your calories. So start consuming some amount of lean chicken. The best time to consume the lean meat is the dinner time as the burning rate of calories is higher during that time. The metabolic rate of the body slows down during the day time.

#5 – Whole Grains:

Whole Grains

Many of the whole grains paved to be diet food for weight loss. Few of the notable whole grains include oats, brown rice along with the quinoa. The brown rice comprises of the good amount of resistant starch which is cooked and later it is being allowed for cooling. When you are consuming weight loss friendly foods, then try to avoid refines grains as they are quite rich in carbohydrates. However, eating whole grains really help as they are high in nutrient as well as fiber content.

#6 – Polyunsaturates:

When you consume more of the saturated fats, it leads to the greater addiction of visceral fats to your body in comparison to polyunsaturated ones. In one of the recent study conducted, a group of people who consumes around 750 more of calories (palm oil) for around seven of the weeks gained more of the visceral fats and the one who consumed more amount of sunflower oil gained more muscle mass but less lean body fats. The diet which is rich in the polyunsaturates includes nuts, seeds, and fish. This surely enables you to lose a considerable portion of your belly fats.

#7 – Yogurt:

Full Fat Yogurt with Blue Berries

The yogurt is something which is protein packed and rich in probiotics. This is extremely good for the health of gut and aids in the weight loss efforts of a person. The health of guts influences the weight. When you eat more of fiber as well as probiotics, it actually keeps the gut bacteria quite satisfied which improves the metabolism. Consumption of yogurt also reduces the appetite and enhances the satiety.

#8 – Leafy Greens:

You should always include a good amount of green leafy vegetables in each and every meal for reducing the retention of water. The kale, spinach, and lettuce serve as extremely good weight loss friendly foods which are low in calories, rich in fiber with several vitamins and minerals. It helps a person in easing out the retention of water without actually causing bloating as well as discomfort which some of the other vegetables might cause.