Stay Sober In Isolation

Being alone for long periods of time can be quite the stressful challenge, especially if you are usually an outgoing social butterfly type. When you’re used to being able to bounce ideas off people and have regular, person-to-person conversations, the transition to isolation can be a bit of a shell shock. As you adjust to new life in a world in lockdown, here are a few suggestions to keep you on a good path.

Few Suggestions To Keep You Quarantine During Lock-down:

Download An E-book:

Download An E-book

Being in isolation can have a serious upside if you focus your energy in the right direction. In the regular hustle of life many people rarely get the chance to just sit down and read a book. What are the genres that interest you most? Have a look online and you will find a ton of options, many of them free to download. So dig into your memory and find the perfect book or even better, book series and relax into a great read.

Learn Qi Gong Online:

Learn Qi Gong Online

The practice of Qi Gong is a personal journey incorporating traditional meditation and breathing techniques with slow, calculated body movement. The amount of teachers offering free tutorials online is staggering, so it’s easy to find and begin your journey. This ancient practice is employed to gain personal and spiritual balance through a highly focused, low impact routine. With the added stress of a world gone mad, this 4,000+ year old knowledge is a fantastic way to achieve equilibrium of the mind and body. The best part about taking up Qi Gong while in quarantine is that you can take your practice with you into everyday life when this is over. Routines are everything in recovery and adding this to your daily practice can do nothing but add another dimension of healing to your life.

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Seek Professional Help:

If you think you have a problem such as an addiction in alcohol and you need professional help, you may have to get treatment through rehab. It can be your best chance in staying sane and living a better life. There are a lot of recovery centres like The Diamond Rehab Thailand you can count on. They provide rehab centres that are conducive to your well-being and can provide you with activities tailoured to your needs.

Write An E-book And Sell It Online:

Did you know that there are online services where you can publish your own book? Not only that, but many are free! It’s exceedingly easy as well with many options to start the process. Your book can be about anything you want, your personal journey, a work of fiction, the sky’s the limit really. Not only can it be an amazing personal experience, but you can actually make some money along the way with it as well.

Pick Up A New Skill With An Online Course:

Online Course During Quarantine

Turn that anxiety and boredom on its head and enrol in an online course. You have a lot of options available to you for a solid platform of course. There should be plenty of information and teachers out there with the perfect course for you. There are tons of classes available from quality instructors and many of them are under $25.

Organise A Virtual Game Night:

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean you will stop having a good time with those close to you. See if any of your friends have the same board games or find ones online. Get everyone together and have a digital board game night. Of course, you will have to trust your friends not to cheat, but it’s a fun way to spend time with friends and cut down on the loneliness factor.

These are just some of the quarantine ideas that can help you when isolation is any stress and anxiety, and be able to stay on the right track.

Image Courtesy: Qi Gong