Physical and Health Benefits of Yoga

Most of the times, when people feel a bit down, they tend to treat themselves to something nice to boost their moods. Sadly, many individuals are yet to know how important it is to practice 15 minutes of yoga every morning before going out to work. Regardless of who you are, and the nature of the lifestyle you lead, it is easy to squeeze in 15 minutes to improve your health with yoga. Below are some of the most common health benefits of doing yoga in the morning.

Physical and Health Benefits Of yoga.

#1 – Enhance Flexibility, Posture and Strength:

It is easy to tone the muscles of your body and boost your overall strength by practicing yoga every day. There are popular poses like plank that are known to be ideal for boosting up the strength in your legs, arms, and abs. You don’t even have to be very flexible to do these basic poses. The great thing about yoga is that it can be done at any level of ability and results are tremendous.

Improves Flexibility

If you could spare a few minutes each day to perform some poses like the downward facing dog or the warrior, very soon, you will start noticing the significant improvement in your overall flexibility. If you want to make it professional you can join different yoga teacher training program within your region. Nepal Yoga Institute is one of the professional yoga retreat centers where different yoga class and tips are provided to people who visit in Nepal. Likewise, there are similar yoga institute all over different countries to help you with your yoga activities.

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#2 – An Improved All-around Fitness:


While the gym is the only thing many people think about whenever they want to improve their fitness, yoga can be done at home to achieve the same goals. With yoga, you can get all the advantages that the gym has, but in a peaceful, and holistic way. The great thing about yoga is that it combines cardio, strength, and functional training in one. If you are looking for something that you could do at your own pace at home, then yoga is the answer.

#3 – Weight Loss:

Weight loss is one of the things that many people are struggling with. The good news is that you don’t have to be super-flexible to lose weight with yoga. You just need to be consistent with some gentle poses that do not strain your muscles so much and you will begin to see the changes you need. The human metabolic system is easy to trigger as long as you stay focused for a given duration. With daily yoga, you can still be able to restore the hormonal balance that your body needs to function normally hence helping to reduce your weight.

The level of cortisol, which is the hormone that is secreted in response to low blood glucose concentration and stress will be reduced thereby leading to less overeating. If you perform yoga on a daily basis the overall mind-body connection is improved hence making you strong to deal accordingly with unpleasant emotions rather than looking for food to handle the feelings.

#4 – Increases Your Energy:

If you are looking for something that can keep you fresh for longer without having to put in a lot of effort, then you need to try at least 15 minutes of yoga every day. You will learn that you will have an adequate amount of energy to keep you going throughout your daily routine without being fatigued. Yoga has a unique combination of breath and body workout, which is perfect whenever your reserves are running a bit low.

With daily yoga, the main energy centers that your body has will be awakened automatically. There are common poses that are meant to awaken those reserves; you want to make sure that you target them as much as possible before you leave for work. Mainly, they are the poses that mainly target your spine like the tree pose, hence allowing the energy to circulate freely throughout the entire body. There are also poses that are great for opening the chest, for instance, the cobra pose, which helps you take in more breath.

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#5 – Reduce Stress:

Ease Stress and Anxiety

Many companies have realized the importance of yoga in stress management and they have embraced the art accordingly. Today, most workplaces have the workers perform lunchtime yoga before resuming work for the rest of the day. This is because it has been tested and proven that yoga is a great element when it comes to stress management in the workplace and homes. Yoga, even if performed for a short period on a daily basis, should have at least three elements; meditation, breathing and poses. Studies indicate that the individuals that have the three elements added to their routine are doing a great job at regulating their heart rate hence managing their stress with ease.

There are many other physical and health benefits that you stand to enjoy when you let yoga become a part of your life. Apart from making you feel stronger and relaxed, yoga can make you feel happier and breathe well. Also, it is a ritual that can help you become more mindful especially when you can shift your awareness to the thoughts, sensations, and emotions that are involved in a given pose. Include yoga in your morning routine and start noticing the positive differences.