Physical Attributes For BJJ

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a fabulous martial art that is associated with physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. Hundreds and hundreds of people around the globe are working on improving the skills and other abilities of bjj. Some of them work harder to sharpen up their grappling techniques and also self-defense abilities. But like all other martial arts, it takes years to get an expert in bjj.

Bjj is famous in Singapore, people spend hours in the gym practicing several skills but working on just one technique doesn’t make you an expert in bjj, instead, you need to focus on certain attributes to absorb the full potential of bjj training. When you will be able to learn the maximum attributes you can execute several skills with the full flow. Also, physical attributes will strongly affect which physical technique you will use against your struggling opponent.

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As Brazilian jiu-jitsu is all about utilizing your own sets of physical attributes in order to get the most out of various techniques and skills.

Getting back to the discussion, in today’s blog we will discuss several physical attributes that will surely help you to become a better bjj fighter.

Physical Attributes for BJJ Fighter:

Brazilian jiu-jitsu


People are conscious about their height because due to height they get a considerable advantage in bjj because of it. For the beginners who have longer legs the better will be their close guard. Other than that the tall bjj students are better able to maintain their distance. Height is god gifted and you can’t change it, so you don’t need to get disappointed if you are not that tall. So height can give you some advantage from a technical point of view. Other than that if you are in search of getting suitable gym gear must stop them from elite sports. As elite sports offer outfits that soak sweat and are comfortable to use.

Developing Endurance:

The foremost important attribute which a bjj practitioner carries is developing body endurance. With improved endurance, you are able to perform your physical exercise and other movements for a longer time duration. In order to become a good trainer bjj practitioner, you need to work on your muscles as well as on your cardiovascular endurance. So these are the factors which are prerequisites for the mobility of your game.

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How do I increase my jiu-jitsu endurance?

jiu-jitsu endurance

The simplest way to increase your cardio and muscular endurance is to perform several repetitions which are permitted in a class by your instructor. Other than that you can also find a partner who is willing to do various drills with you before and after your class so that you can turn in repetitions.


A true bjj practitioner knows how to control any situation on the mat. If you have ever grappled with the physically powerful and stronger bjj opponent you must have learned how important strength and explosiveness are in bjj. So physical strength helps you to protect your joints against several injuries, and no doubt increased strength provides you the benefit of being physically strong.

Mobility and Flexibility:

Mobility and flexibility

Good flexibility is the key factor for increased athletic performance. On the other hand, poor flexibility of your body will lead to poor athletic performance. So body flexibility is one of the most important attributes which a bjj practitioner can possess. In bjj, most of the techniques require the flexibility of the body, which means there is a high range of muscles and joints movements that are required in the fighting ring to achieve victory. So flexibility plays an important role in the bjj practitioner to attack and defend their opponent against several submissions.

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Agility helps you to execute your moves and techniques with maximum speed and precision. It means you have improved access to possible techniques that are available depending upon the level of your agility.

Physical Agility:

If you will have improved physical agility, the quickness and speed of your movements will get increased, along with your body awareness, coordination, and the techniques of executing tricky moves and techniques.

Mental Agility:

Like physical agility, mental agility also has similar impacts on your capabilities. For example, if you are an athlete with physical abilities, it will provide you with no benefit if you are not capable of making a wise decision.