Ludmila Padre Cardoso

Having dark circles can have a destructive effect on one’s self-esteem, leading to investing money in eye creams, serums, concealers, and various other items to get rid of them. However, all of these things offer either temporary or no solution at all. This wastes money and affects self-esteem even more negatively as you see no results despite many efforts.

Ludmila Padre Cardoso, a dermopigmentation expert, is helping people get rid of stubborn dark circles with her lasting solution. Thanks to her long-lasting solution for getting rid of dark circles, Ludmila has earned a name for her camouflage method called ‘Neutralizing Dark Circles’. She started in the field in 2019, making a name in the local market of Brazil with an ever-increasing international clientele on the side.

Since the creation of her studio, Studio Le Maquillage, Ludmila has conducted numerous sessions, satisfying her clients with amazing results. Although the studio also offers other services, like lip micropigmentation, Nano blading, and BB Glow, this procedure is the most sought-after. Ludmila finds joy in the fact that she is helping people enhance their self-confidence, saving them from running after temporary solutions.

The method itself includes applying pigments to the under-eye area which diminishes the darkness by a significant margin. This is one of the best and most efficient methods currently available in the market for neutralizing dark circles. In a typical session, a skilled dermo-pigmentator like Ludmila applies an anesthetic ointment to the area, leaving it for 20 minutes before introducing the pigments through a pen, or rotary tattoo machine.

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Ludmila highlights the importance of having a skilled dermo-pigmentator do the process. She notes that there is a difference between micropigmentation, dermopigmentation, and tattooing. To ensure the best results for your dark circles, it’s important to choose a certified dermo-pigmentator who knows the difference between these techniques – The way we implant the pigment, in a very light way as a ‘shading’, linked to the application in the correct layer of the skin… this has a totally imperceptible result, just neutralizing the dark tone without staining or damaging the skin,” elaborates Ludmila. Thus, a certain level of proficiency is required on the part of the technician when undertaking the procedure.

With a mission to help more people gain confidence, Ludmila plans to expand her services to the US and UK in the future. She wants to help change as many lives as she can with her impeccable procedure.

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She has also designed an exclusive online course to teach newcomers about the intricacies of this method, bringing fresh energy to the industry. The course is also available for international audiences in the English language.

You can book your appointment with Ludmila Padre Cardoso by clicking here. You can also visit her TikTok and Instagram to view the stories of her numerous satisfied clients.