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As far as medical issues go, we all tend to believe surveys in a strong manner. And according to one such survey, almost 20 percent of people with ages over 65 require re-admittance to a hospital within 30 days of coming back home. But re-hospitalization are not always fruitful. In spite of readmitting your elderly loved one, it is much better to take care of them at home. But this can be a problem considering the fact that there are many steps that need to be taken that require a more medically educated mind. And this is where home care services come in.

Agencies of elder care Massachusetts provide round-the-clock services aimed towards the perfect care and better health of your senior. Their professional staff will take care of your senior’s wants and needs in the most perfect manner without compromising their comfort. This is much better than readmitting your senior which, keeping everything else aside, makes the homesick and this too affects their mind and body.

Elderly Care Services

Here are 5 negative effects that re-hospitalization can have on your elderly loved one:

#1 – Diminishes Abilities:

Naturally, while being admitted to the hospital, our seniors have to remain in bed all the time. This inactivity certainly makes the muscles and joints weak. It can also make the bones weak and fragile, thus increasing the chances of breakage. Moreover, the absence of physical movement also affects the brain and the person can experience a decline in cognitive abilities.

Opting for home care Massachusetts enables your senior to be around his or her loved ones. This provides great mental peace. Moreover, they can move about freely whenever they want to. This also keeps the body functions run properly. And the movement of the muscles and joints keeps them working and strong.

#2 – Increase in Recovery Time:

This is an outcome of the previous point. A weakness of the different body parts naturally requires more time to heal when injured. Blood circulation slows down too. This affects the senior’s mental outlook as well. He or she may lose hope of getting better and this slows the healing down further.

Hiring a private home care Massachusetts allows your elderly loved one to be more positive. This is due to the fact that he or she has the family around. This itself is a great feeling. Moreover, the home care staff also makes sure that your senior is in total comfort while carrying out all the medical requirements.

#3 – Leads to Emotional or Psychological Stress:

Negative Effects of Re-Hospitalization

Anyone would be a subject to this, and more so, the aged people. The 24-hour sounds of the hospital equipment, surrounded by patients, limited visiting hours by close ones, medications with hospital staff arriving every now and then to record the data, and many other typical hospital aspects. All these create feelings of depression, frustration, and stress. Rest requires peace. And frankly, hospital is not always a place to rest.

Thus, opting for an elder care Massachusetts is a much better option. This is a much better way to bring down the chances of re-hospitalization after your elderly loved one has returned home after being hospitalized. The home environment with one’s family around provides a sense of peace and comfort unlike anything else. This adds to the mental peace of your senior which thus catalyzes the healing process.

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#4 – Risk of Infection:

Re-hospitalization further increases the risk of infection. This is because the already weak body of your elderly loved one, when readmitted, becomes more prone to acquiring infectious germs and diseases from the other patients around. This can further slow down the healing process and unfortunately can be fatal as well. Thus, it is much safer to hire services of elder care Massachusetts so that your elderly loved one can be taken care of at home.

#5 – Financial Requirement:

Naturally, readmitting your senior brings on higher financial requirements. Health insurances offer limited coverage as far as number of admitted days, physical therapy sessions, medications, and treatments are concerned. The remaining costs have to be paid from the pocket and can be a financial headache.

But this is not the case with elder care Massachusetts. Their budgets are based on the services you hire them for. This makes them very much cost-effective.

The 5 above-mentioned points show how re-hospitalization can have negative effects on your elderly loved one’s health. They highlight the effectiveness of home health care services as a great alternative.

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