Drops for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a common problem as seen arising due to various reasons. It causes problems in eyes that can be temporary or chronic, and in a few of the cases you may need to meet an eye specialist.

In recent days the dry eyes issues have increased, few of the common problems for dry eyes are as follows:

Common Problems For Dry Eyes:

Common Reasons for Dry Eyes


With the increase of age, the symptoms of dry eyes are observed to increase. It is a common problem in the old age groups over 50 years. This due to the function of eye parts reduces along with the decrease of eye sights. The tear formation of the eye parts decreases with age. So, after a certain age, you can face such dry eye problems.


Often it is due to medication the symptoms of dryness cause to the eyes. The medicines of antidepressants, antihistamines, diuretic, and beta-blockers are used for treatments, but it later causes the eyes to dry. But the cause may be temporary and will reduce after the end of the medication. Often chronic formation can be consulted with the doctor to provide lubrication.

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Computer Use:

No matter whichever age you belong to, computer use has been the major cause of dryness of eyes and it is increasing day by day ranging from all groups of people. Often constant looking on the monitor for long exposure to the screen leads to dryness. In this case, you can wear special lenses or eyeglasses to prevent harmful radiations.


Dry eyes are also caused due to birth control pills, and you can face such problems during the period of pregnancy and menopause. This is due to the problem of hormonal changes and you can easily prevent such problems with proper medication.

Laser Surgery:

Laser Surgery

It is common to have dry eyes after laser surgery; laser surgery is carried out in cataract mostly known to us. The liquid drops, lubricators are used to treat the dryness of eyes, and it is a temporary solution that can be carried out until the eye’s organ responds normally.

Vitamin A Deficiency:

Did you know that Vitamin A deficiency leads to dry eye? To recover from the deficiency and the problems it is important to recover from the deficiency. The supplements are available that are prescribed by the doctor or else the natural way is to solve the problem is to lubricate eyes by Vitamin A rich foods like, carrot, eggs, and fish.

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Wind Exposure:

This is also a common form of problem that almost all of us feel while traveling and the blowing air for a long time leads to dry eye. High winds cause dry eyes easily due to the quick evaporation of tears in the eyes.


Small eye glands develop inside the eyelids, and this causes the eye inflammation. Warm compresses with hot water can reduce the pain and the dry eye issues.

Autoimmune Disease:

Different autoimmune diseases can lead to dry eye problems one is the dryness of eyes caused by diseases like diabetes and arthritis are common.  If you have such problems, then you must go for regular eye checkup. An optometrist can easily detect the problem of dry eyes, its early stage and he can prescribe a few eye drops to prevent such issues.

Dry eye can also be due to various other reasons such as allergies and common health issues like cough and illness. So, to prevent dry eyes to some extent, one can look forward to performing some eye exercises. Few home remedies are also available that can help in the reduction of the dry eyes.