How to make mochaccino recipe at home

Seeking a Mochaccino recipe? You are in the right spot. Even just thinking about the thick, creamy, chocolatey drink makes your mouth wet. It’s easier than you might think to make a mochaccino at home. Although a few steps are involved, it’s worth it because you can save money and never disappoint by making it yourself. Health and Fitness Magazine will talk about the Mochaccino recipe in this article.

What is a mochaccino?

A mochaccino is a coffee-based drink using espresso, chocolate syrup, and heated milk. Whipping cream and chocolate shavings are usually put on top while serving. This mochaccino has the same qualities as a cappuccino but also includes chocolate, so if you love drinking cappuccinos for their foam topping, you’ll enjoy it.

When making mochaccino at home, you have the option to add whipped cream to finish it. Whipped cream enhances the flavour and looks of your drink. When giving this beverage to friends and family, some chocolate shavings are optional but look beautiful!

What flavour does a mochaccino have?

Mocha Coffee Espresso Cappuccino Drink

When you add chocolate to a cappuccino, you get a mochaccino. The chocolate gives the coffee a distinctive flavour that is incredibly rich by adding a slight bitterness and sweetness. The texture of the mochaccino is excellent as well. The flavours of espresso and chocolate blend beautifully to create a rich and savoury flavour.

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Does a mochaccino have coffee in it?

Yes, coffee is usually included in a mochaccino. The mixture of espresso, frothed milk, and chocolate syrup to make a mochaccino. The chocolate syrup gives the flavour and colour of the drink. This drink has a rich chocolate flavour, making it ideal for those who dislike or don’t like strong coffee.

We recommend adding more chocolate syrup to your coffee and modifying the flavour as needed if you feel the coffee flavour is too strong. For example, add some whipped cream and chocolate curls for more sweetness.

What is required to make a mochaccino at home?

You only need three ingredients in total to make a mochaccino at home. I have included them below, along with a few more ingredients you can add to this drink to make it extra special:


We’ll discuss different coffee brewers later in the text that you can use to make espresso.

Milk of Choice:

milk of choice

We prefer to use whole milk for the fullest flavour, but you can use any milk you have at home.

Chocolate Syrup:

You can either make your chocolate syrup or buy it.

Whipped Cream:

Although optional, whipped cream will make your mochaccino more creamy and flavorful.

Chocolate Curls:

Chocolate Curls

When serving this drink to your guests, chocolate curls are optional but look lovely.

A mochaccino can be made using a few different kinds of milk. For a thicker and creamier drink, use whole or % milk. Almond or soy milk can use to make a lighter drink. Do you want to use a different type of milk in its place? Feel free to try different flavour combinations and do it.

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Mochaccino Recipe:

  • Use your espresso maker, whether a stovetop one, to make two shots (2 ounces) of espresso.
  • Use the espresso machine’s steam arm to steam the milk.
  • You can warm milk on the stove and then shake it in a glass jar if you don’t have one.
  • In your tall glass, combine the espresso and chocolate syrup.
  • After adding your milk foam with a spoon, pour the milk on top.
  • Enjoy with chocolate syrup, chocolate chip, or cocoa powder garnish!

How to make chocolate syrup at home?

Chocolate Syrup Recipe at Home

With only three ingredients, chocolate syrup is easy to make at home. Cocoa powder, white granulated sugar, and cold tap water make up this mixture.This syrup is lighter in structure than chocolate sauce, making things easier to mix into other coffees like this mochaccino. It can also make in any size batch as equal parts are used in its preparation.


It’s time to start brewing! We truly hope you enjoy it as much as we do. A delightful mix of mocha and a cappuccino can be made by combining chocolate syrup, espresso, and steamed milk. How could you go wrong when combining chocolate and coffee?