Orthokeratology, this phrase may sound pretty alien to many. But, it is the most inventive technique to bring back the eyesight, and the best part is that it is a non-invasive technique. You can stop using the lenses or spectacles once you start the orthokeratology procedure. Now, this may feel like a distant dream, but this procedure is already in existence, and people have started getting it. So, what is this procedure, how does it work? There are a lot of questions that can arise when we talk about this particular procedure. In this article, all such questions will be cleared, and you will get a complete idea about the process.

Orthokeratology Lenses:

Orthokeratology Lenses

Orthokeratology lenses or Ortho-K lenses play an important role in this procedure. These are gas permeable lenses that you have to wear in the night and sleep with them in your eye. During the night, these lenses will reshape your cornea, and this will help in better visibility in the mornings. You will get clear visibility the entire day without using any kind of lenses or spectacle.

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The orthokeratology lens can help in correcting the situations of people suffering from astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia.  They are usually prescribed in two situations:

  • To correct the refractive errors
  • To slow the progression of myopia.

How Long do these Lens work?

Usually, people who wear these lenses are able to see clearly for a day or two. You can be assured of clear visibility for one day, but you may face issues on the second day. That is the reason why it is important for you to wear these lenses daily. That is the best way you can keep your glasses or contact lens at bay in the mornings.

Pain-free Process:

Cornea reshaping- this phrase may scare a lot of people and many that the process will be painful, but this process is free from any kind of pain. The reshaping is a simple procedure, and you won’t even know that it is happening under your eyelids. It uses the hydraulic forces and forms a liquid vault over your eye. This vault will provide your cornea with more liquid at some places and less at some places. That way the entire cornea will be reshaped providing you with the required results. This entire process is simple and effective for the people.

Great Option for Children:

Orthokeratology is a treatment that fits everyone irrespective of their age. Since this process is free from any pain and it’s a non-invasive technique, thus it can be helpful in treating eyesight issues in kids. It is a night time treatment that will correct your vision overnight and makes you prepared for the next day.

If you are someone who thinks that this entire process is tiresome, then you can go for Lasik surgery without any second thoughts. However, Lasik treatment isn’t suitable for children. The patient should be 18+ years of age in order to get this treatment; hence it isn’t something that the children can go for. That is the reason why you can go with Orthokeratology for your kids. Myopia is one of the most common and fast-spreading eye diseases among kids, and using this procedure will help them in overcoming the disease.

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Fitting of the Lens:

Now, this is something that you have to worry about. It is not easy to find the right fit that will suit your cornea. You may have to visit your optometrist’s multiple times before you find the right one that will set around your cornea.


Once a distant dream turned into reality because of the technology and all the advancements we have.