Boxing Technique Slipping

There are tremendous moves in the boxing ring which most people have heard about by watching the match or in movies too. It means that they easily understand what it means when a boxer jab, double leg, bob, and weave, throw a left hook, or shadowboxing. But people are not aware of rolling and slipping especially those who are beginners. 

Slipping and rolling are considered defensive moves in boxing.

Most of the boxers use slipping and rolling as a defensive technique in order to protect themselves from various punches of their opponents.

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What is rolling in boxing?

Rolling in Boxing

The roll is designed in boxing, to put your back in a position to return back the punch after your opponent swings at the air. No doubt that the position, in the end, is the most powerful inputting power behind your punches, and in this tactic, every movement is affected by the movement which is preceding it.

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What does it mean to slip the punch in boxing?

Slipping is actually the skill which is similar to boobing and it is one of the defensive techniques including holding, clinching and holding. In order to perform slipping you need to move your head at the other side so that the opponent execute the slip by the boxer.

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Why does the boxer roll by executing the punch when they move their head backward?

The head bounch at your back or side-way when you are sure that the fight is over now, rolling the spot which is going to get hit with immense force of the punch, also protects the boxer from getting surprised in this way.

What is rolling punch in boxing?

The rolling with a punch, is to move one head at the same direction as the force of a blow as you receive it, therefore taking off much of the force.

Why is rolling required in boxing?

While learning about boxing skills you need to understand first why you need to learn about rolling. The roll takes you from a defensive position to an offensive one, which permits you to start pushing the pressure on the back of your opponent.

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The Punch in Boxing, (The Left Hook):

The left hook is considered the most dangerous hook in boxing. There is a lot of weight applied to your shoulder for this punch. When you throw the left hook at your opponent your stance gets changed, that is your front foot and knees get rotated inward. And the power of executing this punch comes from the ground up, to your feet, up to your legs and torso, all the way to your shoulders, and then to your fist. Make sure that your left arm should be making an angle of 90 degrees while your right fist is held near your face in order to block the punch executed by your opponent. If your opponent fails to execute the punch, this thing works against, leaving their torso to get exposed, and also their focus will be disturbed too. In this way, your opponent may get unbalanced, and this is the time at which you are able to execute lots of rolling punches at your opponent.

Slipping and Rolling:

In boxing, you would probably use slip and roll moves to get protected from combo punches in order to start with a jab, and after that finishing up with a hook. When you are practicing the combos, you must also learn how you have to slip the first two punches and then roll the third punch. After the jab and the right hand, the hook is actually the finishing punch to the combo, there are various boxing combs which fighters use so slip slip, a roll is the most effective method to avoid these types of punches.


Once you practiced the rolls you learned to add the slip movements for stronger slip and roll movements. When both slipping and rolling are used appropriately, they provide a great way to execute the best explosive punch. So, for that, you need to do practice first and there are loads of drills which you can do in order to improve your rolling and slipping skills of boxing.