Health Rules During Covid-19 Lockdown

We have always been told that being sedentary can be harmful, not just to your body but also to your mental system. You should be active, playful and must go out for a long walk or run more often. Exercise in the open or hit the gym once in a while. But, unfortunately, the situations are not allowing us to do any of that. We are stuck at home, not just by the extended lockdowns, but for the sake of the safety of ourselves and others.

Staying home is a tough task for the people who are not used to this lifestyle. Also, it is a challenge for the people who normally indulge in a lot of outdoor activities to keep themselves healthy and fit. Going to the gym, playing any sport or running a long track. Health-conscious people refrain from idly lying in the house and eating unconsciously. If you are someone like this, then you must be facing a lot of problems to keep up with your body weight and sound mental health.

Today, we will be discussing some of the very easy, but effective health rules you should follow during the lockdown. I understand the craving that must be halting your health regimen these days. It is like some pageant on social media to cook the most delicious samosas or to bake the most oozing chocolate cake. And if you cook it, you eat it. That is why there is a very definite need that you set your foot down and create some ground rules to keep your health during this lockdown season.

Follow These Basic Health Rules During This Novel Coronavirus Lockdown:

#1 – Check On Your Food Intake:

The food you eat should be in parallel with the number of your daily activities. While we are staying indoors and investing very less time on movement and activities, that way our eating habits should also be regulated. You do not have to make any big or sudden change. Just cut the portion of the food on your plate. Eat small meals and food that are less fatty.

#2 – Work It Out:

Exercise Daily

If you can’t go out, that no way means that you cannot work out. Create a routine to spend at least 30-40 minutes every morning in some kind of house workout. Follow any good YouTube video of any exercise type. Yoga, aerobic or Zumba at home. This will help you in keeping your body active and swaying away from the lethargy.

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#3 – Mind The Snacking :

A lot of us are working from home that means working from your living area and access to your whole pantry within a very short distance. There will be a lot of snacking and biting on chocolates, biscuits and other things. These small bites can be a lot to your body and health. So, stay a little tight on those eatables. 

#4 – Take Short Breaks From Long Sittings:

Take Short Breaks From Long Sittings

Long sittings during work from home are not the healthiest of the things you can do. You sit continuously for hours and focus on your computer screens. So, to avoid any side effect to your bones, muscles or just to your body weight, take short considerable breaks after every time interval.

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#5 – Make Use of Your Balconies:

Our balconies or verandas are the only free spaces for us during this lockdown. So, why not to utilize them. Take small walks there. Sit on the chairs and sip tea. They can be good for your physical and mental health as well. Connecting with the outer world is necessary for sane living and this is the safest way possible.

#6 – Cut Down You Teas and Coffees:

Cut Down You Teas and Coffees

If you enjoy tea or coffee during the day, then do not hesitate in having it. But, do not exceed your consumption from one to two maximum two cups a day. The caffeine in them can halter your sleeping pattern and can make you anxious. It is summertime. Try cooler home-made drinks like aam-panna, nimbu-paani or lassi.

#7 – Plan Instead of Binge-Watching:

We all are spending a lot of time in front of computer screens right now. Office work and then comes the moments of binge-watching online series. That is some less than good for our mental health and our eyes. Instead of that plan a productive day and write some things down that can be beneficial to you. This is the time when we are under a lot of stress and a lot more can be on its way. So, better to plan for your future and to work on it accordingly.

Health is always a priority for some people. Whether it’s lockdown or not. Staying home should not come in your way to maintain your goals. Eat-in moderation, eat fresh, drink loads of water and exercise with meditation to keep your body and mind healthy.

Use Hand Sanitizer During Lockdown


Along with keeping up with your general body health, we also need to take care of our protection from the viral contamination. Wash your hands frequently and keep a sanitizer always handy. Eat healthy foods to keep your immunity high use masks while going to any public place. This is a major highlight to keep this health crisis in control. Staying home, following these above health rules during the lockdown and maintaining social-distance can be your basics to stay healthy and safe inside and out.

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