As a yogi, mastering poses in yoga is an achievement, especially for inversion poses like headstand. Not all people practicing yoga dare to try the headstand. Some may find it interesting and very beneficial, but others see the possible risks with it. If the headstand pose is not done correctly, it could injure you. However, there is equipment like a headstand chair that can aid you when you are still starting to learn headstand (Sirsasana). The headstand chair is one of the yoga benches that yogis love to have. Beyond the refreshing feeling of doing a headstand, it also provides you with lots of benefits. In this article, you will learn how headstand in yoga works and the benefits you can get from it.

What is Headstand (Sirsasana) Yoga?

The headstand is a type of inversion pose in yoga that promotes control, strength, and deals with the imbalance of physical and mental state. It also helps in overcoming the fear of falling. It is performed by resting the head on the mat and the positioning of the forearms in a triangular formation. The yoga headstand equipment can also help you get started until you master the pose.

Physical Benefits of Headstand Yoga Pose (Sirsasana):

#1 – It improves strength in your shoulder. 

When you do an inversion pose, all your weight is transferred to your shoulders and arms. And when you balance your whole body, the support lies in the muscles in your upper body. This means, if you want to do a headstand in yoga, your upper muscles must be strong. That is why for beginners, they will need additional support by leaning on the wall or getting the best yoga chair or yoga benches that are designed to support the headstand yoga pose.

#2 – It can boost your complexion and nourishes the face.

When you have your body in an upside-down position, you are increasing blood circulation sending enough oxygen which sustains good skin cells, especially on the face. But remember not to remain in a headstand position for too long. Ten breaths are enough for you to get the benefit.

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#3 – It helps prevent varicose veins.

Enlarged veins are usually the result of too much standing or walking, as these activities increase the pressure in the veins of your body, especially in the legs. And since doing the headstand promotes good blood flow, it prevents the blood to become stagnant.

#4 – It helps healthy hair growth.

Healthy and Shining Hair

With headstand yoga, the blood flow in your scalp increases. Hence, slows down hair loss and increases the chance of getting healthy hair. Hair loss and gray hair are the results of poor blood circulation in the scalp. That is why with a headstand, you can expect healthy growing hair.

Health Benefits of Sirsasana Yoga Pose:

#1 – It improves heart function.

The headstand yoga pose (Sirsasana) helps remove the blockage in the heart, and it reduces tension by allowing good blood flow. Since the heart constantly pumping blood and sends it to the brain, the headstand yoga allows the heart to rest for a while and lessen unnecessary stain.

#2 – It relieves stress and tension.

Ease Stress and Anxiety

The headstand pose is one of the yoga poses that allow the cooling of the body. It comes with slow and controlled breathing, keeping your mind and body in a calm and relaxed state.

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#3 – It stimulates the immune system.

When your body is upside down, it easily transports the lymph fluids through the lymphatic vessel. And as a result, your body is protected from infection because these lymph fluids contain a high amount of white blood cells which fight against viruses and bacteria in the blood.

#4 – It improves overall digestion.

Digestion System - Benefits of Headstand Yoga Pose

The pituitary gland is the one responsible for maintaining a healthy digestive system. When your body is upside down, this gland is stimulated.

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Headstand Precautions:

While headstand provides you with good benefits, it may not be suitable for all. The headstand is an advanced yoga posture. So, when you are deciding on trying the pose, make sure you are properly supervised by a yoga instructor. This is for you to prevent possible injury. Try to consider getting yoga benches to help you with the headstand position. And once you are confident and ready to let go of the bench, you can have your arms and shoulder muscles to support your body. You must put your weight on your arms or shoulder because concentrating all your weight on the head could result in neck injury.

When you lift your body, it must be slow to reduce pressure on your back or your spine. And once you have lifted your body, you have to keep it vertical. Try to concentrate and relax your muscles when in the final position. Also, people who have high blood pressure, migraine, or head injury must avoid this pose. Talk to your yoga teacher about it.


Headstand (Sirsasana) in yoga is one of the famous poses most yogis love. While a lot of people have enjoyed its benefits, you cannot just do it yourself especially if you are new. You have to ask a well-trained yogi to assist you or a yoga instructor to help you. Mastering it may take time, and there are a lot of things you need to do or be familiar with before you could start doing the pose. You can get one of the yoga benches to help you with the headstand pose. Once you have mastered the technique, you will start enjoying its full benefits. It needs patience.

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