Yoga Anatomy by Yogacharya Arvind

What if doctors can eliminate most of the diseases by treating the underlying causes of chronic diseases rather than medicating the patients and make them unconscious of the problem hidden by medications? This is where we have to understand the approach that we all have towards health.

Most of us go to doctors is to cure the diseases that could have been prevented very easily. We hardly understand that the modern age medicines prescribed by the doctors work on the effects of the problem and not the cause. All major physical problems, according to yoga, is a symptom or a signal given by the body regarding the deeper problems that we might have left unnoticed. Such diseases are called ‘Aadhija vyadhi’ in yoga. The modern lifestyle is battling between ‘Salary vs Slavery’; ‘Wealth Vs Health’; ‘Family Vs Freedom’. People are facing difficulty to bring a balance between the above said factors in their life and yet be a healthy and happy being. The only best way to address the cause of the disease and to cure them is to focus on the lifestyle.

Ashtanga Yoga with Yogacharya Arvind (Habits)

Modern lifestyle directly or indirectly disturbs us physically, mentally and emotionally. To list some of the disorders that we face are physical diseases, depression, aggression, laziness, forgetfulness, hatred, attachments, obsessions etc… as a result we end up suffering, dejected, unstable, and distracted. So yoga as a healthcare comes in as best solution to address these problems at different levels.

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According to Yoga, every human has eight different aspects (habits) that one should consider to have a healthy lifestyle.

  • To have healthy personality yoga prescribes Yama – Ethical Personality
  • To have healthy character yoga prescribes Niyama – Ethical Character
  • To have healthy physique yoga prescribes Asana – Physical well being
  • To have healthy breathing yoga prescribes Pranayama – Vital well being
  • To have healthy senses yoga prescribes Pratyahara – Sensory well being
  • To have healthy mind yoga prescribes Dharana – Mental well being
  • To have healthy intellect yoga prescribes Dhyana – Intellectual well being
  • To have healthy psyche yoga prescribes Samadhi – Spiritual well being

These eight habits are the best way to strike a balance between the odds in life and experience perfection in every chaos and cacophony. These eight aspects if practiced is called Ashtanga Yoga. So Ashtanga Yoga is the best healthcare the humanity has to enhance their lifestyle towards perfection and beauty.