Special Coloured Contact Lenses

Vision correction has become a common problem; prescription glasses are a trusted way to overcome this problem. However, wearing glasses all day long can sometimes become a trouble. Moreover, it may also keep you away from certain activities, like swimming, sports, etc. Contact lenses have come as a solution to end this hassle. These are a revolutionary product which only helps in vision correction.

Quick Facts About Contact Lenses:

  1.   The average contact lens wearer is 31 years or older
  2.   90% of contact lens wearer uses soft contact lens
  3.   In 1971, the soft contact lens was first introduced in the US
  4.   Most of the contact lens wearers are women

Although Contact Lenses Are Popular, There Are Many Apprehensions Surrounding The Same:

#1 – It will get lost in my eyes

That’s not true, thin membrane conjunctiva which covers the white portion of the eye, which doesn’t let contact lenses to get lost behind your eyes.

#2 – Wearing contact lenses is uncomfortable

Uncomfortable Contact Lenses

You might face some trouble initially because it is the first time you are exposing your eyes to a new thing, but after a fiber adaptation period, you won’t face any trouble wearing them.

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#3 – It can get permanently stuck to the eye

If you are using a soft contact lens, it might stick to the surface of the eye in case it dries out; makes sure you remoisten it by the sterile saline solution to remove the dryness.

# – It is very difficult to take care of the lens

It is not that difficult. All you need is a one-bottle contact lens care system to clean and disinfect the lens. If you don’t want to get into the process of cleaning of lenses, then you can opt for daily disposable contact lenses.

#5 – Can contact lens cause eye problem

Corneal Ulcers

Well, there can be chances of some eye issues, but you can avoid them by following the doctor’s instructions. After you buy contact lenses, your doctor will suggest you with the right way of using the lens.

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#6 – I’ll not be able to remove them from eyes

Using contact lens is very easy. You might face some initial issues, but with the help of a professional, you will be able to wear and remove the lenses easily.

#7 – Contact lenses will pop out of my eye

One of the apprehensions that people have while using contact lens is that it will come out during sports or other activities. But, you must not worry, the modern-day contact lenses come with rigid gas permeable contact, which fits close to the eyes, thus making it stick to the eyes.

Benefits Of Wearing Contact Lens:

There are several advantages of wearing contact lens here are a few of them:

  • These are the effective replacement of prescription glasses. They don’t affect the appearance, and the wearer can easily participate in sports and other activities without affecting your performance.
  • It also gives a boost to the confidence of the wearer, especially the young individuals who are newly getting used to it.
  • You also have the option of wearing disposable contact lens, which doesn’t require regular cleaning.

It is important that you must take contact lenses from a reputed store and only after consulting the doctor. Don’t settle down with low-quality contact lens for a lower price. Since these will be in close contact with your eyes, it becomes important that you must choose only quality lenses. Buy them from a reputed store.


With the information in this blog, you would have gained, and insight into contact lenses and would have cleared the air around the use of contact lens.