Facial Gymnastics and Yoga Exercises

It is accessible, free and would be effective against wrinkles. We are talking about facial gymnastics and facial yoga. What kind of exercises are there? How can you do facial gymnastics yourself? And most importantly: does it work against skin aging?

Fight Wrinkles With Facial Gymnastics:

There are countless ways to fight the anti-aging fight. Living a healthier lifestyle (drinking plenty of water, eating pure food) does a lot, as well as staying out of the sun, sleeping a lot and avoiding stress. But did you know that facial gymnastics is perhaps the cheapest way to prevent and reduce wrinkles?

Fight Wrinkles With Facial Yoga

Facial gymnastics – also known as facial yoga exercises – are facial exercises that you can do at any time of the day and anywhere.

By tightening and relaxing the facial muscles, you actively train these muscles. This ensures better blood flow and stimulates the production of collagen. As a result, the volume of the skin increases and the skin appears more moisturized and more ‘filled’.

What Types of Facial Gymnastics Are There?

To combat wrinkles and reduce existing wrinkles, there are different facial gymnastics exercises for different zones. There are exercises to tackle forehead wrinkles, exercises against crow’s feet and movements that strengthen the jaw line.

Each exercise has its own specific movements. See for yourself what you need and which exercises you like.

Facial Gymnastics Against Forehead Wrinkles:

To combat and prevent forehead wrinkles, there is an exercise that is as easy as it is fast.

  • Frown as hard as possible and tighten the skin. Hold for three seconds.
  • Now open your eyes completely. Hold this for three seconds, too.
  • Repeat ten times.

Facial Exercises for a Firmer Neck and Jawline:

The skin of the neck and jawline slacken as we age. And it is precisely the skin on the neck that betrays our age. By doing the right exercises, you keep the skin of the neck smooth and strong. There are different exercises.

Exercise Two for a Firmer Neck and Jawline:

  • Look into the distance and place your index finger and thumb under your chin.
  • Gently pull the skin down and move your head up.
  • During the exercise, keep your mouth closed with your teeth together.

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Facial Gymnastics Against Wrinkles Around the Mouth:

By laughing, talking or smoking: we cannot avoid wrinkles around the mouth as the years go by. But you can do exercises for it. With this exercise you actively train the muscles around the mouth. 

Exercise One Against Wrinkles Around the Mouth:

  • Tighten the lips and tighten.
  • Three seconds and repeat ten times.

Exercise Two Against Wrinkles Around the Mouth:

  • Form the letter ‘O’ with your mouth.
  • Tighten your lips while holding the ‘O’.
  • Five seconds and repeat ten times.

Exercise Three Against Wrinkles Around the Mouth:

  • Pull your top and bottom lips over your teeth.
  • Try to smile broadly across the teeth.
  • Alternate the big smile by making the letter ‘O’.
  • Repeat ten times.

Facial Gymnastics Against Eye Wrinkles & Crow’s Feet:

Small wrinkles around the eyes can be quite disfiguring. Take them on by regularly doing one of the exercises below.

Exercise Two Against Eye Wrinkles and Crow’s Feet:

  • Place both middle fingers on your right and left cheekbone.
  • Raise the eyebrows.
  • Now place both index fingers just below the eyebrows.
  • Release your raised eyebrows so that they are only held up by your fingers. Close your eyes.

Facial Gymnastics: How Often & For How Long?

Facial Gymnastics – just like with sports or healthy eating – are effective when you do it for a long time. How long? Try to keep it up for three weeks and then do the exercises daily.

Don’t be surprised if you experience mild muscle pain. By intensively contracting and relaxing facial muscles that are normally in ‘resting position’, it is very normal that you can feel that you have used the muscles. After a week, the muscle pain should be over.

Besides good for circulation and the skin, facial gymnastics can be very relaxing. Turn your facial gymnastics moment into a relaxation moment, doing the exercises in silence and with your eyes closed. Chances are you will feel charged afterwards.

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Does Facial Gymnastics Work Against Wrinkles?

As is often the case, there are supporters and opponents of facial gymnastics and yoga. Facial gymnastics would be great against wrinkles, according to proponents. Or to prevent new wrinkles. People who don’t believe in it say it causes new wrinkles.

The results of facial gymnastics and facial yoga have never been scientifically proven, although there are small studies that seem to show a slightly positive effect ( source ). However, the evidence is still far from convincing, as several studies will have to be carried out first. So do what you feel comfortable with.

Do you really have very deep wrinkles? Or drooping eyelids that bother you? Then facial gymnastics is probably not the solution for you. To actively treat wrinkles, treatment with botox is more effective. Or go for a slightly more accessible solution, such as a chemical peel.

Hanging eyelids are definitely a thing of the past with eyelid correction. This procedure is one of the most frequently performed treatments in the Netherlands and, among other things, counteract an angry look and headache. In this article you can read more about eyelid correction for drooping eyelids.


The most effective way to combat wrinkles is still a healthy lifestyle. Those who eat healthy, drink a lot of water, do not smoke and avoid the sun and stress, have less chance of (premature) skin aging. Still, facial gymnastics can be a pleasant addition.