Coloured Contact Lenses

These days coloured contact lenses have taken center stage when it comes to facial makeup and eye decoration. They are easy, affordable and exceptionally wonderful to wear. 

While the use of sunglasses or normal glasses have also evolved with time and you have to admit, the latest fashion trends have provided with some really amazing eye-wear and glasses. But still, when you want to take your face and eye beauty up a notch, then nothing is better than coloured contact lenses. 

You would be wondering how come colored contact lenses have become so popular, but you would be surprised to know how long they have been with us. It is just that coloured  contact lenses have provided a more easy and effective alternative to fashion sunglasses and normal eyeglasses.

Or you can just wear your coloured contacts under the sunglasses and surprise others at work when you take off your glasses. That would be a sight to see. 

Adjusting To The Coloured Contact Lenses:

Like I said earlier, coloured contact lenses are more affordable and convenient to use now than they were some two decades ago. But if you are using colored contact lenses for the first time, then you need to go through some adjusting time. So what could be that you need to adjust to? Well, here is the list 

#1 – Moving Lenses:

A very interesting prospect of wearing coloured contact lenses for the first time is that the lenses move in the eye, well all lenses move. When placed on the eye the lenses will move in the direction where your eye moves. Why is this interesting with coloured lenses? Well, when it moves from left to right the coloured edge of the lenses will be slightly visible to the pupil and while you are watching everything else, you will also see the original colour of the lense for a fraction of a second. Interesting, right?

#2 – Tears:

The first time you will wear coloured lenses you will feel a little discomfort because at the moment your eyes are not used to any object resting on the eyes. And if some debris comes on the lens the eyes will tear to wash the dirt particles. So you might tear up a lot until you get used to it.

#3 – Dry Eyes:

Well coloured lenses cover the eyes and as our eyes collect oxygen from the surrounding air, you are practically hindering the provision of oxygen to the eyes. Because of that the eyes, after some time of using colored lenses, will get dry. 

This may leave your eyes more itchy and dry, so you would feel the urge to rub your eyes very often after a few hours of wearing lenses.

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#4 – Tearing Up The Lenses:

Now that you will feel itchy in and around the eyes, you will rub your eyes more, especially if you are a beginner. Rubbing too much will damage the coloured lenses and the lenses may tear. 

Once the lens will tear, it will cause more discomfort and you would need to replace it with a new one. So you have to be a bit patient, or you can just take your lenses off for a few minutes and clean them with your solution and wear them again.

#5 – Cleaning Only With The Solution:

An important part of wearing coloured lenses is that you need to clean them only with the solution that came with the contact lenses. The solution is especially made for the lenses. Water has micro organisms and home made solution are not the solution as you do not know the chemical composition of that solution. So only use the solution that came with your colored lenses, for the sake of your eyes.

#6 – Stressed Out Eyes:

Stressed Out Eyes - Colored Contact Lenses

Using coloured contact lenses could put a lot of stress on our eyes if worn for longer periods. We already are using eyes so much for work on computers that it puts a lot of strain on the eyes. When you wear coloured lenses for a longer periods your eyes will end up dry and you may feel stressed out. 

So take off your lenses after a few hours and give your eyes some rest just the same way you would do with using a computer.

#7. Blurry Vision:

Colored contact lenses are just normal contact lenses with a coloured tint on them. These lenses have a free middle zone so you can see clearly. But because of the coloured tint you may feel a blurred vision sometimes, when the contact lens moves. So it is nothing to worry  about, you would get used to it very soon.

#8 – Discomfort:

Well, in the end, coloured contact lenses are a bit different to normal contact lenses and they do not stay away from the eyes like eyeglasses or sunglasses. So when you wear them for the first time you would feel a bit dis-comfort because if the tint. It will only take a few hours to get used to it. 


So yeah, you would need some time in order to come to terms with coloured contact lenses. But in the end, colored contacts would make you look stunning. Believe me, everything will get perfect with time.