Effective Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly & Easily

Do you want to fit into your gorgeous dress in the next festive season? Desperately hoping to fit into your swimsuit? Then you should try certain simple exercises to lose weight. It can be performed at home easily and can effectively burn off the calories and build the muscles. Everyone is aware of the fact that exercise is quite essential for maintaining overall health. But when it comes to finding exercise to lose weight, we are hardly aware of any.

Now you can make big difference with the simple home-based exercise. The only thing you require is firm determination and strong will not to give up. Start your daily workout journey with this amazing exercise to lose weight. It helps you to burn out fat, build up muscle tone and imparts you high-end flexibility as well.

Let’s check out few of the easy exercises to lose weight fast which target muscles, revive metabolism and reduce calories.

#1 – Plank:

Plank Yoga Pose

This is one of the most effective exercises to lose weight very fast and easy. You can do it while starting your exercise. It acts as warm up and stabilizes the body muscles. It is also one of the most effective forms of exercise for developing abs along with the development of core strength. Since many of the people have the hanging bellies and they want to get rid of it, they can just start their exercise regimen with the plank which tones the abs.

#2 – Grinding:

This is one of the fantastic exercises to lose weight. When a person wants to shed weight and is after the complete body contouring, then it is a form of exercise which works wonders. The grinding is actually an action full and high intensity workout that puts you in a sweat zone within a few minutes itself. All you require a little space will power and you will never stop unless and until it is complete.

#3 – Skipping:

This is a simple home based exercise to lose weight. In fact, it is quite easy to do and fun to do. There are many different types of the skipping which can actually be tried like cross-over, back & forward or single leg skipping. This type of exercise leads to the burning of calories and also boosts the rate of heart as well. It leads to an improvement in the cardiovascular system and burns quite an intensive amount of calories within a short duration.

#4 – Push-ups:

Pushhhh GIF - WorkOut Gym Exercise GIFs

This is an exercise which works extremely well for the upper part of the body. It leads to an increase in the strength of arms, chest, and wrist along with the shoulders. The push-ups also accelerate the blood flow within the body and also lead to an improvement in the heart health. The exerciser can utilize the various types of grips just like diamond push ups, close grips along with wide grip support as well. It slowly strengthens the upper body parts.

#5 – Skating:

Many of the people are not aware that how effective skating can be when done in a proper manner. In fact it is an amazing form of workout. It burns off good amount of calories, reduces wear & tears of bones as well as joints and also leads to an improvement in the balance and coordination. The skating is an awesome aerobic as well as cardiovascular workout. It can just be a casual of the stroll in your block and can lead to the intense and quite a fast paced of the adrenaline rush.

#6 – Walking:

tv land walking GIF by #Impastor

The walking is  actually a smart way to loose weight. The morning walk with yoga is quite an amazing way to keep the mind and body relaxed. It requires no specialized equipment and also minimum of the efforts.

#7 – Pranayama:


Yoga imparts both the physical as well as mental fitness.This is one of the effective exercises to lose weight. The Pranayama is recommended to reduce the body fat and level of sugar. This is extremely popular among people who are looking for ways to lose fats in a natural manner and also the one who wants to control their diabetes.

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