Effective Exercises & Workout For Busy Moms

We all know how difficult it’s to remain in shape and find the time to exercise — but especially for women with babies or small children. There’s the sleep-deprivation factor, no time and priority changes. What exactly would be the easiest workout for busy Moms?

The fact is, the more you may take care of yourself and the better you will feel. You will also have more energy to take on the afternoon with the little ones and most of life’s struggles.

Following are a few quick, but powerful exercises — especially created for the active Mother. Moms carry around a lot of weight, not just the baby, but all of the items they need to have on hand to take care of small children. It’s no surprise that our bodies require a little support to get through the day.

List of Quick and Effective Workout For Busy Moms:

Rotator Cuff Strengthener:

With this workout you’ll require a light theraband. The beauty of this piece of gear is that its small enough to carry in your luggage or your stroller. Now you don’t have any excuses — you can do these exercises on the go, at the park or when you’ve got a few moments to spare.

You can accomplish this exercise either standing or seated; hold the elbows near the midsection with palms facing the heavens holding the theraband. Pulling the hands away from each other externally rotating the shoulders


  • 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions

Muscle Focus:

If these get weak from overuse you could wind up getting bicep tendonitis or other prospective injuries. This is very common with Moms as everything is typically done with a hand whilst holding the baby at another.

Tricep Push-up Extension:

Tricep push-up extension

Here is the 1 time in your lifetime you will want arm power, the biceps will get over worked from the movement of picking the baby up so it’s important to balance out these and maintain the triceps strong as to not place undesirable strain on them.

Hands are directly under your shoulders and knees are on the floor in an altered push. The pelvis is a little pressed forward creating function in the abdominals that stabilize the spinal column. Place the theraband beneath the ideal hand on the ground and extend opposite arm at a tricep extension. Whilst extending the functioning arm be careful to maintain the wrist in line with the hand to not make any unwanted tension/strain.


  • 3 sets of 10-15 reps on each aspect

Muscle Focus:

Drawing your shoulder blades down activating your upper back muscles, engaging abs at all times. Keeping your abs strong and being aware of contracting them is very vital since they play an essential role in stabilizing and protecting the spine.

Translating this into practical activities such as picking up your baby out of his crib will really save your back.

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Spine Extension with Pulses:

Over period in pregnancy our posture completely changes due to the higher burden of the infant bringing our entire body forward and causing the backbone to round forward together with the shoulders. This causes the muscles to become very stretched out and weak.

Seated up right with legs in front of body shoulder width apart, palms over your head. Hinge forward from the hips resulting in the sternum, biceps are from your ears. Hold this posture and marginally pulse the arms on the other side of the body mobilizing the shoulders and then functioning the top back. Return to an erect position to replicate the movement again.


  • 3 sets of 10 Pulses

Muscle Focus:

Upper back and hamstring flexibility. This practice will strengthen the upper upper back and start up the thoracic region of the spine, correcting bad habits that the body formed during pregnancy.

Keeping your abs strong is vital to keep your body strong and correcting bad posture leftover from pregnancy.

Butterfly Ab Curls:

Butterfly Ab Curls is one of the best workout for busy Moms. Start now. Lying on the ground together with heals of feet together and knees bent to both sides in a frog like posture. Arms are directly over you mind, circle arms round and raise the head shoulders off the ground exhaling at the gut wait for 5 seconds and return to starting place.


  • 3 sets of 10 repetitions

Muscle Focus:

As you exhale and get the head neck and shoulders off the ground think of pulling your abdominals up and back into the spine. Moms, this is a time you’ll be able to practice performing your kegal in the regeneration working the pelvic floor.

If you perform these simple workout every day it will help you lose the baby weight and stay strong and active for your children.

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