Dip Bar Exercises for Healthy Lifestyle

Aiming to better the triceps, the dip bars can be utilized smartly for working out to build up the entire body. The main aspect of dip bar exercises is to ensure that a proper variation is conducted. This will allow a person to stay healthy. In fact, in such form of exercises, one does not lifts weights in literal sense. Rather, they push their body and use it as weights. It is all about pushing-up or straining your body for making a muscular physique. But, it is important for the beginners to check-out a variety of exercises because they may not be aware of the right way to do so.

Taking a note of the types of dip bar exercises, one can take a look:

#1 – Dips:

This exercise aims to accentuate the muscles of the triceps. In order to carry out dips, one should stand opposite to the base of the bars and put one hand on every bar with the palms facing inner side. In order to get into the position, one should lift their body up with knees bent and holding up the bars. Further to this, it is necessary to keep arms straight to keep your back flat. Next, one needs to bend their elbows, keeping arms squeezed and lower your body. This is intended to done to make a 90-degree angle. Though, one can lean forward to some extent; the spine needs to be kept straight.

#2 – Leg Raises:

To carry out leg raises and tone abdominal muscles, it is necessary for the person to keep similar position as that of dips. But, one should face their body away from the base of the bars. By keeping the back and arms straight, one should raise their legs till they are in parallel position to the floor. If lifting the legs straight seems to be difficult; one can bend them wisely. Further to this, lower the legs by keeping them straight and swing them towards the floor to complete one cycle.

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#3 – Push-up and Pull-up:

Push-ups are a wonderful option for triceps, chest muscles and shoulders; while, the pull-ups tend to target the muscles of lower back. In the wake doing push-ups, dip bar exercises are intended to put lesser weight on upper body. This enable beginners to carry out their exercise process very well. On the other hand, pull-ups with dip bards do not require a person to lift their entire body at the time of exercising. Certainly, the push-ups and pull-ups are an important part of dip bar exercises, which is quite an easy stuff for the beginners.

Basically speaking, these types of exercises falling under dip bar category are a close kinetic chain. This means that a person carrying exercises is required to move his or her entire body by keeping arms and legs straight always. So, it is always better for the beginners to take assistance from experts, who have experience in conducting sessions of dip bar exercises. Indeed, such forms of exercises are quite challenging. But, one thing is sure that you tend to add muscle mass much faster than any other option.

By adding pounds to your dip strength on regular basis, one tends to continually overload their muscles. And certainly stating, addition of weights to overload muscles will help in dealing with weight management. Of course, these dip bar exercises should be coupled with bodybuilding diet. This combination of exercises will help beginners to maintain their weight and carry out easier way of exercising without putting their body in complex fitness regime. So, it is always better to consult the fitness instructor about such exercises and include them in your daily system.

Gif Courtesy: Leg Raises, Push-up