Dental Crowns - How They Are Made in Australia

Dental crowns have long been used to cap damaged teeth, which allows the tooth to remain, rather than having to be extracted. A chipped or decayed tooth can be treated in this way, and first the dentist must shape the tooth to form a stub, onto which the crown would be fitted. Crowns can be made from a range of materials, including porcelain, ceramic, gold, or even a composite resin, and the dentist would choose the crown carefully, to match it with your teeth in terms of colour, size and shape.

Tooth Replacement Treatment - Dental Crowns

Making an Impression:

In order to create the right size and shape of the crown, the dentist will mix a paste and create an impression on the teeth, and this is used to create the crown. The crown might be crafted from porcelain or ceramic, and once it has been made, the dentist will begin to shape it using a high-speed drill.

If you are looking to have this treatment, the cost of dental crowns at Swish Dental is very reasonable.The treatment typically takes two visits. The first appointment is for the making of the impression, and the second visit is for the actual fitting of the crown.

Matching the Crown:

Great care is taken by the dentist to choose a shape, size and colour that matches your teeth perfectly, and once the crown has been made, the dentist will have to make some minor adjustments to ensure a perfect fit. The tooth stub is shaped using a drill, and once the stub is the right shape, the dentist will clean and dry the affected area. When the crown is ready for fitting, a special adhesive is used and the crown is fitted. The dentist would ask you to bite down on some cotton pads and keep your jaw clenched tight for a few minutes, until the adhesive is set. Then he would check and remove any excess adhesive, and would probably coat the crown with a special acrylic coating, which gives the crown an extra layer of protection.

Specialist Dentist:

Not all dentists will fit crowns, so it is important to select a clinic that specialises in this form of dental treatment, and if you are not registered with a dentist, a Google search will help you to locate a nearby clinic that offers crown services. There are in-depth articles on how crowns are made that you can find through a quick Google search.

Back Teeth Crowns:

If you require a crown on one of your molars, the crown needs to be very strong, as these are the teeth we use to chew food. Some people prefer metal crowns for molar teeth, as they are much stronger than ceramic or porcelain, but it is down to personal preference, and this is something you can discuss with your dentist.

Having a crown fitted is a painless experience, and this is a long-term treatment that saves the tooth, while giving you the appearance that the crown is actually a real tooth.