Dance Style with dance maestro

Imagine the sheer terror that strikes a non-dancer when faced with a dance floor and well-meaning friends insisting on dragging them into the limelight.

Dance is not just an artistic expression; it has the power to create unforgettable moments. Through the mastery of dance, you can overcome personal challenges and confidently embrace any dance floor, whether it’s for competition, celebration, or commemoration.

David Outevsky, a renowned dance teacher, helps you fight your fears when you hear the music play by offering dance practice classes.

As a globally recognized educator, David has extensive experience as a dance instructor. He has worked with former world champion dancer Paul Killick at his studio in London and mentored top celebrities, including Mary Elizabeth Master-Antonio and Dannii Minogue.

renowned dance teacher

In 2020, David established Outevsky Bespoke Dance Education to promote dance research, pedagogy, and performance. He offers online and in-person dance practice classes, workshops, courses, and seminars related to dance sciences and culture.

At Outevsky Bespoke Dance Education, you can choose between group lessons and private lessons to make the most out of the dance practice classes. Here are the dance styles David offers to his students:

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Various Dance Styles Offers BY David Outevsky:

Ballroom and Latin:

david outevsky

Ballroom dances are partner forms that involve two dancers. Viennese waltz, slow (English) waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, and tango are a few ballroom dances you can enjoy with your partner after enrolling in this class.

Not just that, you can also learn the cha cha cha, rumba, samba, paso doble, jive, and mambo, which originated in Latin America and are called Latin social dances.

Concert Dance:

By enrolling in a concert dance class, you can master contemporary dance, and contact improvisation in private and group lessons. By learning concert dances, you can make an impression on any audience.

David also offers dance theater that involves more intent and expression instead of technique and post-modern composition — dance style representing a more collective form of art with painting and music.

Social Dance:

Social dances have a cultural relevance and focus more on participation than competition. David teaches Afro-Latin dances such as salsa and Argentine tango, swing such as lindy hop, and west coast swing. You can also learn disco and country dance, including nightclub two-step, hustle, two-step, and double shuffle.

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Every dance style is unique and has its own place in the modern era of dance sciences. Concert dances can cheer audiences, while ballroom dance at a ball can lead to a memorable romantic night. The real goal is to enjoy and learn every dance style to impress people around.

David is just the right person to guide your next steps in the upcoming dance. Click here to learn more about the dance practice classes offered at Outevsky Bespoke Dance Education.