Swollen Eyes

Your eyes are possibly the most precious gift you have. Just close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine how you would have felt if you could not distinguish between day and night? Perhaps you are able to understand how valuable this particular sense organ is. But your eyes can suffer from various infections which can immensely affect in an adverse way. But, with each passing day, people are becoming more occupied with their work and hence are not being able to take care of their eyes properly. So, to help you a bit more in your busy schedule, we are letting you know about some of the most common symptoms of eye infections for which you need an eye test and get your eyes treated properly.

List of Most Common Symptoms of Eye Infections:

#1 – Pain and Itchiness:

Pain & Itchiness - Common Symptoms of Infections

You should get an eye test the very moment when you feel any sort of discomfort like pain or itchiness in your eyes. Most of the eye infections have this symptom, and thus pain and itchiness in your eyes can be the first signal of an infection. At their initial stage, you can fix such problems with few eyes drops and you do not need to go for any surgery. But an ophthalmologist can prescribe you some medicines or eye drops after checking your eye test reports, and he can prescribe few eye tests for the same.

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#2 – Sensitivity to Light:

Whenever you feel that your eyes are not comfortable in bright lights and it pains when you go out in the sunlight, you know that there is some kind of infection building up in your eyes. So, you should get an eye test instantaneously after feeling this symptom.

#3 – Fluid Discharge:

You should get an eye test if you see some fluid discharge from your eyes. There can be greenish, yellowish or even colorless liquid discharge from your eyes. This is one of the symptoms that your eyes are suffering from any kind of infection. So, once you notice this problem in your eyes, you should get your eyes tested. Before that, you must visit an ophthalmologist to get the prescription for eye tests that you need. 

#4 – Teary Eyes:

Tears are not only produced by the eyes when you cry. The production of tears is a natural process and if tears are not produced then it is a cause of concern. But similarly, if tears are produced by the eyes in excess then you should get an eye test immediately since this is an indication of eye infections. A teary eye is the symptom of almost all eye diseases.

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#5 – Swollen Eyes:

Swollen Eyes

This is another symptom if an infection is developing in your eye. If you notice that your eyes are swollen or inflamed, then the first thing you need to do is get an eye test. Your eyes in this condition will irritate your eyes and tears will come out. Swollen eyes can be the symptom of numerous eye problems, infection being the most common ones.

In addition to the above symptoms, you can have other symptoms occurring as well. You may notice small lumps under the eyelids, and they will be painful. You may have your lashes crusty after you wake up from sleep. You can have the sensation of dry eyes too. So, all these symptoms when felt calls for an eye test. Always remember that the small things which you avoid today can take massive forms and create irreversible problems. The above symptoms are the most common ones and thus the best indications of eye infections.