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Hair out of order, no shower for several days and long, dreary hours in the labs – that must be the life of a scientist, right? The public perception of a research scientist is stereotypical. Signing up for science research is seen as equivalent to signing out of life. Chloe Kirk, a PhD candidate at the University of Miami, is showing the flip side of the coin by dismantling such stereotypes through her STEM Instagram blog @chloe.the.scientist.

The blog comes with Chloe’s clear advocacy for work-life balance and endorsing scientists pursuing non-traditional scientific careers. Guiding students not to get caught up in the stigma of anti-social life associated with scientists. She shares first hand examples of how to prioritize yourself even when pursuing higher education.

So, how do scientists have fun? Did you think that scientists out of the labs are in the conferences?

Sharing life in science

It is quite the opposite. Chloe shows that, much like other people, science researchers also engage in relaxing activities. These include traveling, having wholesome interactions with friends, and indulging in an assortment of hobbies and interests from baking and reading to playing tennis.

Through her blog, her community gets to take a peek at Chloe’s travel shenanigans across the globe. She also shares her latest baking adventures and top reads on her blog. Her culinary experiences encompass a great range of sweet and savory flavors. She has listed various recipes, including yummy bacon, spinach, cheese quiche, cream cheese spritz cookies, and more.

Life inside the labs is rejuvenating as well. From the lab decor with disco balls to fun science games with fellow researchers. Chloe Kirk lists several ways to relax in between serious research sessions.

To de-mystify what scientists look like, Chloe Kirk shares bits of her life in and out of the lab through her Instagram, keeping her community updated about her lab, study, and hobby-related experiences.

Browse through her website to get a more detailed look into the enjoyable life of a scientist.