Black Velvet Cocktail Recipe

Guinness and champagne cocktails are mixed in one glass to create the interesting combined drink known as black velvet cocktail. This can seem like an odd pairing, but it works well. A London steward probably made the black velvet. It was served while the nation mourned the passing of Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria, in 1861.

Over the years, the drink became so popular that it inspired a few companies to bottle similar blends. These rarely remain on the market for a long time, though. You know the best thing is that you can easily make it home.

Unexpected Delicious Combo of Guinness Beer and Champagne Cocktail:

Black Velvet Beer Cocktail

If thoughts of Ireland or a trip to the bar come to mind when you think of a dark, robust Guinness beer. Champagne and beer going together will never cross your mind. The two-layered look of a black velvet drink gives it its real charm. With the floating technique, you’ll get a stunning sparkling display on top and black on the bottom. Along with the delicious aromas and thick, creamy texture, this feature will make you and your guests choose this delicious combination over the usual glass of beer or champagne!

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Ingredients You Need for Black Velvet Cocktail Recipe:

Champagne glasses are filled with a delicate mixture of one part beer and one part champagne. Although just two ingredients are required, there are a few options are available:

Guinness Beer:

Guinness Beer

Stout beer, like Guinness, has a creamy, thick, and heavy flavour and mouthfeel. Although it’s the most often used option when making this dish, you can use any other stout beer.



Champagne is highly expensive and comes from the area of France. Making this cocktail with sparkling wine, such as prosecco or brut, will save you money.

Black Velvet Cocktail Recipe:

This drink will have lovely layers if you carefully serve it: a deep black base, bubbly sparkling wine, and a foamy head. That’s amazing! With a few easy suggestions and some effort, you can learn the floating technique on your own:

  • Beer should pour halfway up the champagne glasses.
  • In the champagne glass, place a spoon with the rounded side facing up and just above the stout.
  • Pour the champagne into the glass and slowly over the back of the spoon.
  • A layered drink should be created with the champagne floating on top of the stout.

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Tips to Make the Best Guinness Beer and Champagne Cocktail at Home:

Even though this cocktail only requires two ingredients and is easy to make, there are some suggestions you should know of to improve it:

Make a snack out of it:

Pour the two ingredients over a dollop of vanilla ice cream in a glass to make this bubbly stout beer cocktail into a float instead. Your older friends will love this sweet and alcoholic snack!

Does this beer drink need champagne?

Nope! You can use any sparkling wine you choose. So, for example, you might use hard cider or non-alcoholic sparkling white grape juice if you don’t have sparkling wine.

Can I prepare this cocktail in advance?

We don’t recommend it. Instead, chill the beer and champagne until it’s time to serve, so the drinks are perfectly chilled.


We hope you like this black velvet cocktail recipe so follow the steps mentioned above to make your drink properly and chill your weekend with friends.