Laser Hair Growth Devices

Unfortunately, the problem of hair loss affects not only men over a certain age, but also women. Freshly baked moms begin to panic when they face intense hair loss after giving birth.

Statistics say that approximately 50 million people in the USA suffer from hair loss. Unlike a cold or headache, pathological hair loss does not go away on its own (we are not talking about slight hair loss due to seasonal hormonal changes). If alopecia is not treated, it will progress until the person is completely bald.

HairMax Ultima 12 Laser Comb:

HairMax Ultima 12 Laser Comb

HairMax Ultima 12 Laser Comb is a new generation laser comb with an operating time indicator. Laser comb solves the problem of hair loss and thinning. Safe low-power laser radiation enhances blood micro-circulation in the epidermis of the head, which positively affects the hair follicles and mimics their growth. New hair grows thicker, thicker, healthier and more beautiful. Recommended for regular home use. The comb works on battery power. This allows you to be anywhere and at the same time do your favorite things.

During the first few months, you may notice an increase in the amount of hair in certain places. With regular use, you will observe continuous improvement in the hairline. If you stop using the laser comb, the hair condition may return to its original state.

We recommend periodically cleaning the laser comb. Remove the comb, rinse it with water and wipe dry. Wipe the comb itself with a slightly damp cloth. Reinstall the comb.

The kit includes laser comb, stand, power supply, case, description in Russian and English, warranty card.

HairMax Prima Laser Hair Comb:

The unique HairMax device is extremely easy to use. There are only two buttons on the comb. It actively affects sleeping hair bulbs with a laser and light radiation with a light massage. Thus, the user enjoys a pleasant sensation and gets a fine crop of hair as a result of regular use of the device.

After 1 course, the hair becomes stronger and thicker. The effect is visible after about 10 weeks. Many experts have appreciated the therapeutic effect of a laser comb. They consider the model to be the best in stopping baldness in men at any age. In place of losing hair, new hair begins to grow rapidly. The teeth of the product are easily removable. The device is suitable for home use and travel.

Among its advantages are:

  • Ease of use; 
  • Thickening of existing hair; 
  • Loss prevention; 
  • 7 Laser beams; 
  • Suitable for travel. 

The HairMax laser comb is the first and only therapeutic device approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) to boost hair growth. Of course, this proves the therapeutic properties of HairMax, as a device that helps to exclude hair loss and baldness without the use of a pharmacological component. At the same time, HairMax is a device that is purchased once and is used for a long time at no additional cost.

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The benefit of using HairMax LaserComb

Hairmax Laser Comb

  • It works and it has been proved! According to the results of a 26-week study conducted among a control group afflicting with hair loss, randomly selected, it was found that on average the amount of hair per square inch gained by 19 units. This fact, established by both clinical and statistical methods, proves the real effectiveness of HairMax in treating hair loss.
  • No worries regarding side effects. All clinical trials confirmed the absence of any side effects from HairMax. Sometimes, people noted that not only loss of hair stopped but the neutralization of irritation on the scalp.
  • No associated costs. In contrast to numerous other methods of treating hair loss, HairMax is a device you invest once and does not require any costs in the future.
  • No prescription required and easy to buy.
  • The original device of the comb. The patented device of removable ridges (teeth) allows you to deliver laser radiation as efficiently as possible.
  • LaserComb has a certificate of compliance with EU standards and directives. Product with CE mark meets the fundamental requirements of safety and environmental friendliness of the European Union.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty. The manufacturer provides up to 2 years of warranty, depending on the model.

Study of the effect of laser radiation from Hair Max Laser comb on hair growth:

In 2008, Dr. Yves Crassis (Evaluation of the Activity of Laser Doses On Ex-Vivo Hair Growth Lyon, France) conducted a study of the effect of laser radiation on ex-vivo hair follicles. For the study, a biopsy of the skin of the scalp was performed in 58 volunteers. Thus obtained hair follicles were placed in wells with a nutrient medium, where they were exposed to an infrared laser (HairMax) for 4 minutes, daily, for 10 days.

On days 0, 3, 7, and 10, hair shaft lengths were measured in three groups of analyzed hair follicle samples. Moreover, in those two groups where the hair follicles were exposed to different doses of laser radiation, more pronounced hair growth was observed than in the control group of samples. Significant differences in hair growth between the first group of follicles and the control are also shown.

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HairMax laser comb for 6 months:

The individual result may be different, but in the period from 8 to 16 weeks, you will see the first positive changes in the condition of your hair. These changes include the appearance of shine and thickening of the hair. 45% of users see early results – noticeable after 8 weeks from the start of use. Another 45% of users report results between 8 and 6 weeks. A bunch of people manages to see the results in 16 weeks after starting using it.

Further, there are noticeable changes over the next few months, hair becomes thicker, stronger step-by-step. But after a long time, all male and female users usually notice a progressive improvement in hair condition and keep on using HairMax. Conversely, discontinuation of LaserComb leads to a gradual return of hair to condition before treatment.

The HairMax laser therapy, carried out by the recommendations, is a reliable and efficient method of treating hair. Anyone can use it in the home because it is safe, the same cannot be said for high-power laser treatment applied in surgery. You can use HairMax both as an independent therapy and in combination with other types of treatment.

HairMax Technology:

Laser light covers hair follicles, which seem to bathe in it.

Following scientific studies, with gain in the amount of ATP molecules (adenosine triphosphate), the activity of living cells also increases. ATP is a universal custodian and carrier of energy. There is no doubt that laser energy can be accumulated in cellular mitochondria and applied for the synthesis of ATP. It is similar to photosynthesis in plants, which allows plants to grow and grow.

ATP is a place of energy storage in cells. All cells in living nature, plants, and animals need a constant influx of energy to perform their functions. Energy is necessary for all vital processes of organisms. These processes occur continuously, for example, metabolism, synthesis of the most important biological substrates, hormones, proteins, DNA and RNA, etc. as well as the transport of these substances.

As soon as the phosphate group is disconnected from the ATP molecule, energy is released. This energy is used by the body for the synthesis of proteins, enzymes, hormones and other substances necessary for life.

In addition to stimulating ATP synthesis in hair follicles, HairMax laser energy helps to expand capillaries and increase micro-circulation. Increased blood flow increases the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the follicles of hair. Thus, now the follicles of hair have not only additional building material but also additional energy for its absorption, which contributes to pronounced stimulation of hair growth. Hair stops falling out, increases in diameter, acquire a healthy shine, and their elasticity increases.

The mechanism of action of HairMax is associated with the direct delivery of laser energy to the base of hair. Received energy is transformed into biological energy and participates in the synthesis of protein, ATP, opens potassium channels (minoxidil-like effect), helps to dilate blood vessels and improve blood supply to hair follicles. HairMax has a therapeutic effect without the use of additional lotions or drugs that can affect the hormonal background of a person. And therefore, it is not only effective but also a safe method of treating hair.


The following persons should not use the HairMax laser comb:

  • Having cancer;
  • Having facial paralysis;
  • Hemophilia patients;
  • Pregnant women;
  • Children under 12 years old.

Precautionary Measures:

Do not use the HairMax comb on eyes, eyelids, ears, mouth, genitals. Let alone  in places of dermatitis/atopic dermatitis, in areas of sunburn.