Mobile Running Apps For Weight Loss

Are you having trouble running or can’t calculate how many calories you burn while running? So here are the top 7 best running apps for weight loss that help you calculate the amount of calories you burn, and even some apps give you rewards after reaching your goal. So, let’s start the list.

List of Best Weight Loss Running Apps:

Running to Lose Weight

1.Peloton Digital:


Digital Peloton is an app that guides you through a curated outdoor career complete with great music. Just launch the app, put your phone in your pocket, and start walking. The advantage of this app is that a squad trainer does the training with you and guides you through an outdoor curated race complete with music. If you have a Platoon Tread or a Platoon Bike, the app is included in the Platoon Full Access Membership. This will give you a positive ecosystem where you can achieve your goals.

2.Couch to 5k:


Couch to 5k is an app that comes with a practical timeline and doable atmosphere sound. The added feature of this app that other fitness apps don’t have is the option to choose your trainer because to exercise you need motivation. It can be internally or externally, you need a personality that can inspire and motivate you to work, so a good personality coach is important.

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3. Map My Run:


Map My Run

The Map my run app is designed by under armor. This app provides millions of race routes with different varieties from which you can choose. The app can read the average beat and the split beat. It is compatible with Android and Apple Watch without problems. As I said, Map My Run is designed by Under Armor, so it easily integrates with other Under Armor designed fitness apps like My Fitness Pal and Map My Fitness. Both apps focus on health.

4. Runtastic:


The Runtastic app is designed by adidas. This application offers you training plans for marathons and other races. In this application there is an option where you can save your routes and statistics of your walk. It’s a great thing to figure out how much hard work you have to do to achieve your fitness goals.

You can also share your statistics on social networks. This app can be integrated with other apps like My Fitness Pal and Garmin devices.

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5. Charity Miles:


The charity miles app works differently compared to other fitness apps. In this app, you can create your own engagement page where friends and other people can sponsor you on your run, Pus the only thing about this app is that when you complete every walk / run mile, the app donates 2.5 cents to a charity.

6. Nike Run Club:


Nike Run Club - Running Apps

Nike’s official app is Nike Run Club. The app can easily be linked with music. The app tracks your pace, distance, and elevation. Plus, it’s easy to navigate and it also gives you a reward for completing any achievement. Rewards include badges and trophies like the fastest personal pace and longest race. Also, when you complete any achievement, a celebrity or athlete will congratulate you with a short video clip. It motivates you to achieve those accomplishments.

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7. iSmooth Run:


This iSmooth Run app is simple and excellent customization for your running routine. The unique feature of this app is the high grade GPS tracking which makes it a favorite among professional athletes. You have to pay $5 dollar for one time and you can access it easily without any subscription fees. You can easily export your stats easily with varieties of different options to share.

This iSmooth Run app is a simple and great customization for your running routine. The unique feature of this application is high-grade GPS tracking which makes it a favorite of professional athletes. You have to pay $ 5 for one time and you can easily access it without any subscription cost. You can export your stats easily with varieties of different sharing options.

Bottom Line:

These are some of the best running apps for weight loss. Remember that if you can’t calculate your hard work, then you can’t calculate how long it takes to reach your goal. If you want better results for weight loss, you can try body weight exercises to lose weight, these exercises do not require any equipment.