benefits of HIIT workout

HIIT training actually promotes the same health benefits as other forms of exercise in a shorter time period. Due to your busy life, family commitments, and many other things that are on your to-do list, make it hard for you to follow any fitness programs with consistency. Although consistency is the secret of remaining successful in any fitness journey, it simply does not mean that you have to spend so many hours in the gym to get physically fit and strong. So, in order to overcome your problem, there came HIIT (high-intensity interval training) where you are able to get the maximum advantages from your workout in very short time duration.

The main benefits of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) are improved insulin sensitivity and low blood sugar. Most of us know about the importance of exercise, and every one of us wants to do exercise as much as we can. But due to our busy life routines hitting the gym seem impossible, if you are planning to run for an hour it may seem a complete and challenging task, so thanks to HIIT training which provides you benefits through your workout in very little time.

HIIT training workout also requires a small interval of a break between your workout sessions for recovery of your muscles. HIIT training is the best form of cardiovascular workout which you can do.

Besides that, before, further discussion about the benefits of HIIT workout lemme tell you that if you are in search of getting the appropriate and comfortable gym gear you must stop them from being born tough, at a cheap and affordable price, and enjoy your workout to the fullest.

Head to Toe Benefits of HIIT Workout Training Which You Can Achieve:

There are tremendous benefits which you can achieve from HIIT training that are mentioned below,

#1 – You are able to burn fats even after your workout session.

One of the main advantages of doing HIIT training is that you are able to burn fats even when your training has stopped. When your HIIT workout has been stopped your oxygen, consumption increases automatically which is around 9x faster. So, post-exercise oxygen consumption increases your metabolic rate which will ultimately help you to burn more calories for hours even after the completion of your workout.

#2 – It’s fast.

HIIT training is actually the full-body workout. You complete your workout sessions in 30 minutes and get a 100 advantage from it, and rest completely during your recovery period. In order to get maximum benefits must try to make your workout more challenging.

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What happens if you do HIIT training every day?

Doing HIIT every day for a time duration that lasts more than 30 minutes will put you at the risk of injury, it will also lead to mental burn out (if you do over-train) and this will also prevent your muscles recovery as well. Keep in mind that your body is different from others and every exercise has its impacts on your body so I always advise in my blogs not to fall too heavy on your body, and don’t overexert.

# 1 – You are able to build up more muscles:

One Arm Cable Lateral Raise

HIIT training is a good way through which you are able to build up lean muscles. HIIT activates the burning sensation in your body by utilizing fats and calories. Similarly, HIIT training is considered the best exercise through which you can develop and maintain muscle mass, by losing fats.

#2 – Improved circulation of blood and better managing the glucose level:

Through HIIT training which is considered an (intense training form of exercise), there is improved circulation of your blood as there is dilation of blood vessels as well, your cholesterol level also drops, there is less insulin resistance, decreased abdominal fats, and enhanced weight loss due to calories burning. Research also has found that a person who does HIIT training on a regular basis is better able to manage their glucose level than those who don’t practice HIIT training. Having proper gear is essential and specially if you are high intensity running then you must have running gear before you start.

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#3 – Improved cardiovascular activity and improved body endurance:

Group Workout for Moms

When there is more consumption of oxygen, and also when there is an increase in your heart rate through HIIT training it’s obvious that you can strengthen your heart and also cardiovascular activity through the intake of oxygen. Similarly, you will notice improved stamina, your ability to workout will get increased, and with the passage of time, you will notice that you need less and less time for recovery of your muscles.

#4 – Improved motor functioning of your body:

Several research has shown that people who perform HIIT training are able to improve their quality of life. Through practicing HIIT training you can also improve your motor functioning, and you are able to focus and concentrate more on your goals.

#5 – Get rid of the gym, and stay safe at home:

Reverse Pec Deck Fly

Due to COVID19 pandemic, most people prefer exercising at home instead of going to the gym. The resistance band workout is a great idea that will work great for you, but if you don’t have any resistance band at home must get the robe tie or bungee rod. Also, there is no need for any equipment in HIIT training, running, biking, rope jumping all of them work well for HIIT training, and you can see that you don’t need any particular equipment to get it done.

#6 – It will also help to increase your metabolism:

HIIT training helps in the production of human growth hormone (HGH) by almost 450 percent within 24 hours even after the completion of your workout. HGH not only helps in burning calories but also helps to slow the process of aging, so that’s why HIIT workout is also considered as an anti-aging workout.